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Random Post Is Random

It’s been just over five weeks since my car accident and two days ago I got a clean bill of health from a medical professional. I still have an achey back, and the insurance company have organised physiotherapy sessions to make it better, but with any luck I’ll be right as rain in a few months.


To celebrate, I’ve been watching this video and dancing along – apologies if you’ve seen it already (it’s been viewed 22 million times, so I’d be surprised if you hadn’t) but hey, it’s always worth another watch…

I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Friday. Half-Blood Prince isn’t the best book in the series by a long way and, in the same vein, the film isn’t the best film in the franchise either. But it’s got its charms and it’s very, very funny – kudos to Rupert Grint for selling his love potion affliction so brilliantly! But, like the book, bugger all happens until the end, where things get rather dramatic. I’m not sure the film manages to pull of the drama quite where it’s needed, but it didn’t fumble it either, so it’ll… do, I suppose.

And there’s SO MUCH SNAPE. I was a very happy Snape fangirl in that cinema, I can tell you, as my companions will no doubt confirm, because there was a lot of squeaking coming from my direction every time Alan Rickman said a line. How does he do it? How can any actor manage to say two words and make me fall on the floor in tucks of laughter? And oh, the things that man can do with the swirl of a robe…

Finally, because I haven’t posted any Obama-love recently, have two awesome photos of him I stumbled across last night:

Obama in 3D

Obama taking a stroll

I’ll bet he doesn’t fiddle his expenses like every British politician under the sun is doing at the moment. But then again, why would the White House need a moat, anyway?



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I’m Trying Very Hard Not To Lick The Screen Right Now…

I’m really busy at the moment, valiantly trying to get about a week’s worth of work out of the way in one day because Biddy’s coming to stay this weekend. And so, in lieu of a cutting critical analysis of the fact that there’s a new President in the White House, I’m posting this picture:


Which I think pretty much says it all. That, and “THANK FUCKING GOD FOR THAT.”

And then there’s this new shot from Wolverine:


…which is currently distracting me from my work like nothing else on this planet.

(I should add that the picture I want to lick is this one, not the Obama one. In case you were wondering.)


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I Promise To Stop Blogging About Obama Soon. Honestly.

…But how could I resist posting this? After seeing a bare-chested Obama on the front pages of several UK papers today, here’s a clip from a US TV show discussing it:

CNN – Shirtless Obama Seen On Beach

(The host has extraordinarily big hair. I think I like that most of all.)

For the record, I don’t agree with paparazzi taking pictures of people unawares, let alone them photographing families on their holidays not wearing very much. But there’s a selfish, thoroughly female part of me that saw those pictures and simply went, “Woah, momma!”


I kinda hate myself for that. Sorry, Mr President-Elect.


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Well, Whaddya Know…


Person of the Year, eh? I’m astounded. Who’d have thunk it?

[Note to self: does sarcasm work when it’s written down? Must investigate…]

I bought two of Barack Obama’s books yesterday. I think, once I find the time to start reading them, they will mark my transformation from ‘Obama fan’ to ‘Obama groupie’.

I’m looking forward to it.


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Two Points Of Great Importance

I have much to blog about but, as is becoming more frequent these days, no time to do it. This is because I have an almighty fear of He Who Is Known As The Taxman and thus I’m taking on as much work as I can possibly fit into a day so that I can fend him off. It’s either that or I invest in stakes, garlic and silver bullets, but I’m not sure even they would work on Her Majesty’s Tax Office. Confound them!

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post properly in the next few days, but until then know two things:

1) I wish to apologise for not mentioning “The Way Of The Warrior” in my SFX Rewind on Deep Space Nine. It’s awesome. I’d forgotten just how awesome it was until I rewatched it last week. Please accept my grovelling, humble apologies for ignoring it and pretend I raved about it in paragraph nine or something.

2) Obama is from Krypton!  Well, it explains a lot.


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1,001 Delights!

According to WordPress, I now have a grand total of 1,001 comments on this blog!

Thank you to everybody who’s posted since I started blogging – and here’s (hopefully) to many more!

Also, as a brief addendum to the post I made earlier today about Barack Obama:

As I was watching the Senator give his little press conference outside Number 10, I was also texting SFX‘s Steve O’Brien about how great Obama is. Steve is a big follower of politics and loves Obama too, so he was a natural choice for a discussion about the events unfolding on our TVs.

“Are you watching the press conference?” I texted, after we’d spent a few minutes praising Obama to the rafters.

“I’ll watch it later,” he replied. “I’m watching the commentary on Doctor Who‘s ‘The Brain of Morbius’ right now.”

Sometimes politics just have to take a back seat, eh?


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And A Hearty British Welcome To President, Er, Senator Obama…

I feel cheated by Barack Obama.

Two days ago the Senator for Illinois visited Berlin and appeared before 200,000 rapturous Germans to give a thoroughly Presidential speech which, as I’m sure he intended, strongly echoed John F Kennedy’s iconic “Ich bin ein Berliner” declaration of 1963. True, Obama didn’t say much that was memorable, but then again he didn’t need to. One camera sweep taking in his smooth, calm, confident pose and those thousands of adoring faces said it all. This man needs to be the next President of the United States. The Germans have already decided he is.

Then, after a brief stop-off in Paris (during which President Sarkozy made a wonderfully sly, tongue-in-cheek nod towards America’s famous opinion of his countrymen as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”… Sarkozy, we love you too), Senator Obama arrived in London this morning to have breakfast with Tony Blair, a meeting with Gordon Brown at Downing Street and lunch with David Cameron at the Houses of Parliament.

And then he flew home.

What, no rally in Trafalgar Square? No public speeches? No chance for us British Obama fans to gather in our thousands and cheer and grin and register our support for him like the people of Berlin?

Cheated! We were cheated!

Okay, so I’m not really annoyed, and I understand his reasons for putting on a big show in Germany and not here in the UK, where we’re already regarded as fans of the USA. I’m just miffed because I want to see the guy in the flesh: the man who should be the next President of the United States, the man who needs all the support he can get because such a large proportion of American voters are looking at McCain and thinking, “He’ll do,” when they should have learned ten times over by now that they shouldn’t settle for someone who’ll do, they should fight for someone who will.

A lot of people look at McCain and see a white man. They look at Obama and see a black man. When I look at them, I see a man who is 71 next to a man who is 46. The average life expectancy for an American male is 77. Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world, and there is no job in the world more stressful than sitting in the big chair behind that big desk at the White House. Which means that a vote for McCain is, potentially, a vote for whoever he chooses as his Vice President. We don’t even know yet who that will be. Hardly reassuring, is it?

And just look at this man:

Okay, so he’s with the Dalai Lama – that’s good publicity. But who the hell is holding up who, though? They look like two pensioners out for a stroll on the seafront at Eastbourne!

Compare it to this:

Now that’s strength – it’s radiating off him. The body language, the poise, the assurance. He’s a young, powerful, intelligent man in the prime of life. I have a lot of respect for McCain’s experience, but none at all for his future. In Barack Obama, I see a man who’ll grow to become one of the greatest world leaders of all time – if the American voters let him.

If they do, I’ll be first in line to hear him talk in Trafalgar Square.


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