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Oh, Canada

And yet again I don’t post for weeks and start this one off with an apology for the fact. Terrible, I know. Blame Twitter.  Which I do, copiously.

So! I went to Vancouver a few weeks ago on a press trip to the Stargate Universe studios. I flew out on a Wednesday, arrived at 2pm and spent the rest of the day re-discovering my favourite city, spent all of Thursday on set and then had Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday free to do what I wanted. Because it was a work trip, I had my flights paid for, was put up in a swanky hotel and had my meals included. I spent an extra night staying with a friend, got to hang out with her and eat honey doughnuts and, in total, spent £35 during my entire stay.


Here, have a few pics:

The view from my hotel room.

The Stargate and me.

A very purple me with Stargate Universe star David Blue.

The glorious view from Prospect Point.

Star Trek fans (there was a convention).

To sum up: I love Vancouver. I’ve loved Vancouver since I first went there in 2004. This is my third visit and I’ve decided I want to live there. Alas, I have no job to go to, no money and no chance of being able to do it. Piffle and balderdash! Still, at least I’ve visited enough times to know I love it as much as – if not more – than London.



I’d never seen them in the wild before, so coming across this chittering, chattering little family in Stanley Park made my day! Of course, by the time I’d finished strolling around the park I’d seen so many raccoons I wasn’t that thrilled any more, but… CUTE!



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