It’s all Thatcher’s fault

Spoilers for ‘The Beast Below’, uh, below…

I missed last night’s episode of Doctor Who because I was watering my plants. I have a lot of plants. It took an entire hour. By the time I realised what I’d done I felt so stupid I think I should hand over my geek credentials and go off and retire in a cave somewhere.


But anyway, I watched ‘The Beast Below’ today, and I really liked it! The music wasn’t annoying (also, am I the only person who actually doesn’t mind the new opening sequence and theme?), I thought Eleven was wonderful and I adored the concept – even though the space-whale kind of reminded me of the meat-monster thing from that episode of Torchwood a while back. Is new Who and its ilk sponsored by the RSPCA?

One thing confused me, though: if all the other nations on the Earth were clever enough to build their own spaceships and fly off into space, why didn’t Britain? Why did they have to harness a flippin’ whale when everybody else built their own engines?

I have a theory. It’s because the Tory/Labour governments have spent the last few decades shutting down all our steel works. Clearly in the future there’s absolutely nothing in the way of industry left in the UK and so, when the end comes, we had to depend on the kindness of strangers (in the shape of a giant whale who likes kids).

I urge you all now: in the upcoming election, vote Saxon for anybody who wants to keep our factories open! It could save our country one day!

Oh, and Scotland’s full of engineers. That’s why they built their own ship with a fully-functioning engine. Wow, they must have been so smug.



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7 responses to “It’s all Thatcher’s fault

  1. It reminded me a little of ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ but not quite as soppy at the end. It also shows that the Doctor is quite capable of being ruthless as well as missing the obvious until Amy nudges him in the right direction. Saturday nights are fun again!

  2. jaynenelson

    You’re right! Giant jellyfish homage FTW!

  3. Lerxst

    I enjoyed it immensely, apart from the end which I found a bit naff in quite a few ways. I suppose the “aww it couldn’t leave the children” stuff was always going to make me want to retch. Oh, and 300 years of torture and still so kind? But hey, maybe I just overthink these things 🙂

    As for the lack of a UK engine, look on the bright side. If all the factories hadn’t been shut down, Starship UK probably wouldn’t have been completed in the first place because of strikes; but even if it had, it would be the equivalent of a Morris Marina. It wouldn’t have made it out of this galaxy without the engine packing up and bits falling off.

  4. Jenni

    I am so loving the new Who and didn’t find the opening music so bad this week. I really like the Amy Pond character too plus as I’ve just seen my favourite episode of DS9 on Bravo, Trials and Tribulations, I’m very happy indeed. Jayne, I missed Ashes to Ashes on Friday night – couldn’t believe I’d forget to watch the Gene Genie! 😦

  5. Ruud V

    Starship Uk at first sight actually reminded me of the cover of “Cities in flight”, by James Blish.

    We liked the episode, though we were wondering if Starship Uk originally had an improbability-drive that was taking care of a Magratean missile.
    It would certainly be a better-ish explanation of the whale.

    Only little nagging thing? I was hoping that kiss-o-grams had more exciting sleepwear….

  6. Lerxst

    Now now Ruud. This is pre-watershed BBC. I’m amazed they got away with the nun reference in episode one.

  7. Don’t forget we are another two-years on from the running around in a Police uniform. She might have a different job by now, hence the more restrained nightwear.

    Mind you, the Doc should know about whether she wears underwear in bed after the opening jaunt outside the Tardis.

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