Eleven Heaven?

Spoilers for ‘The Eleventh Hour’ if you’ve not seen it yet!

Why, hello there!

I wish I could have loved last night’s episode of Doctor Who as much as everybody else seems to have liked it, although I will admit that most of my dislike came from the fact I couldn’t hear what people were saying over the loud and intrusive (not to mention ridiculously over-the-top) music score.  Seriously, guys, TONE IT DOWN. I don’t have the best sound system on my TV, true, I’ll own up to that, but it’s still a new TV so the sound can’t be that terrible – and besides, there’s no way I should be noticing music at all. It’s there to underscore the action, not drown it out. Dreadful!

(And with that ‘dreadful’, suddenly I feel like an old lady writing to her local newspaper about the terrible thing she saw on her television set last night and how it wouldn’t have been allowed in her day. I’m getting old, aren’t I?)

The good news is that I adored Matt Smith – not that I ever doubted I would! I liked how wacky he was, and expressive, and how he still has Ten’s excellent sense of humour (“Who da man? Okay, I’m never saying that again…”). He’s like an eccentric but desperately cool university student who knows even more than his professors and never turns up for lectures, yet somehow aces all his exams and even teaches the exam board a thing or two in his replies. There is nothing about him I didn’t like, absolutely nothing, and I am thrilled to pieces that he’s going to be our new Doctor.

I’m going to reserve judgement about Amy Pond until she’s done more than the obligatory “I’m going to look amazed and freaked out by all the things this man is showing me, and then I’m going to run after him a lot” new companion thing. I may also reserve judgement on the interior of the TARDIS, which at first glance seemed oddly similar to how it was, even though it’s different. Would a totally new colour scheme have hurt, or am I missing something there? Still, I liked all the hints about the interior – there’s a library and a swimming pool! – and I hope we get to see it one day. Better bring lipstick.*


After the episode aired last night I went to the cinema to see Kick-Ass, or at least, that was the plan. Twenty-five minutes in, the projector broke. The crowd – who’d been laughing and hollering and whooping like I haven’t seen in years – booed and howled. We ended up with refunds and a free ticket to see it again whenever we wanted. I feel cheated, but at least I know the first 25 minutes are great!

*Obscure ‘Castrovalva’ reference.



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4 responses to “Eleven Heaven?

  1. Lerxst

    Well, I have some sympathy with you there! I was busy being surprised at how good the new pairing were, and largely taken up with that. But you’re right about the episode itself – like quite a few opening series episodes of New Who, it was a bit flimsy. Poke even gently and the plot falls over completely. I’m in a generous mood though, so I’ll excuse it on the basis that it was focussing on introducing the new leads.

    One thing though… what the hell have they done to the theme tune? Ugh.

    As for Kick Ass, not seen yet, but the last time a cinema projector broke on me, it was half way through Matrix Reloaded… and I couldn’t bring myself to sit through it again 🙂

  2. jaynenelson

    I didn’t mind the theme tune (for once being able to hear nothing but music paid off!).

    And I don’t blame you. I did the same with The Last Samurai, where the film broke 15 mins from the end. No way was I going back to complete the film.

  3. Ruud V

    We are quite confident about the future with Smith and Moffat.
    Smith being bonkers? I loved the bit when he hurled out the dinner plate out of the frontdoor!
    But he needs time to tune the performance of course. One of my fave’s (7th doctor) also needed time to find his definite character.
    As for Amy, I agree. She seems to be from the current mold of strong, clever, brave, strong-minded, telegram-kissing and “gggrrrlll”-type companions. Though I am prejudiced, and am already won over.

    As for the sound being too loud, we do agree, and not having English as your first language certainly doesn’t help.
    One of the reasosn I always buy the DVD-sets of SPOOKS is tha fact that I can get subtitles. It does help to follow tha plot. We are currently waiting for WHO-boxsets to go down in price so we can but that for this reason as well…
    And Jayne, let’s hope you are getting old. We can’t bear the alternative…

    Kick-Ass hasn’t opened here in the Netherlands (yet?), but I am curious. I was lucky to be finally able to see the last film in the Millenium-trilogy last week though….

  4. The console seems too far away from the doors. How’s he going to make a quick getaway if he has to climb a flight of stairs before he can dematerialise?

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