Something to get your head around…

A while back, I posted a link to this YouTube video of what purported to be ‘The World’s Greatest Head Massage’:

This month, the clip hit over one million views. I’m oddly proud of it: I was there almost from the start, when it only had a few thousand, after finding it one night while surfing for head massage videos. It blew me away. It’s so funny (“Note the application of cosmic energy” still cracks me up), the song in the background is catchy (I’ve even downloaded it off iTunes) and – most importantly – it’s astonishingly relaxing. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched it at the end of a long day when I need to de-stress; it’s like I’m having a real massage through my computer screen.

Well, to my surprise, it turns out that I’m not the only one who loves it. In addition to those one million views, the song blaring over the radio has been downloaded by countless other souls and this has become THE video to watch if you need to relax. The masseur, Baba, has actually become a cult figure.

It’s been so popular that the nice man who filmed it recorded this a few weeks ago to discuss its background. It seems he’s as amazed by its success as I am…

BUT! That’s not all…

This week I discovered another video, posted by a lady who’d travelled to India to get her own massage after watching the original. It took her a while to track down the correct barber shop in Pushkar, and even longer to find Baba, but here he is in all his cosmic glory… only this time he’s playing to the camera!

Watch. Enjoy. Relax. And wish that Baba would go on a world tour so that we, too, could note the application of cosmic energy to our own heads.


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6 responses to “Something to get your head around…

  1. Lerxst

    The thing that struck me most about this?

    “finding it one night while surfing for head massage videos”

    Well, whatever rings your bell Jayne…. šŸ™‚

  2. Ruud V

    ..does this count as a massage? Because I read somewhere that a massage is only a massage if it is being given by a petite young lady from Thailand. Not that I know of course…!

    I have to confess that my YouTube-surfing is not as erudite or educational as yours, Jayne.
    I mostly look for obscure music I like from the seventies and eighties (with some sixties thrown in for balance), figureskating and ballet clips for Jasmijn, and maybe some fan/amateur Star Trek movies (and Catwoman too. The ones with Amber Moelter aren’t so bad. Take notice, miss Berry).

    Though I do get some nice tips when visiting your blog though. For which I thank you…

  3. Marcus

    I know exactly how you feel. I found the original as the count was around 300. I received a similar healing session of over-acting reiki while living in Switzerland. I sprained my ankle wrestling and a woman who called herself a medium did some of the same actions and this was in 2004. While watching youtube for how to massage I found Baba and Christian and it reminded me of my “healing”. The difference in these healers to others is that they believe they are healing you and that to me is relaxing. BTW my session was free and she just wanted to help.

    • jaynenelson

      I think relaxation is the key – whether it works or not, if it relaxes you then it’s a success! I find it relaxing to *watch*, let alone experience. I’m glad you’ve been a fan of this video for as long as I have!

      I’ve only ever had one professional massage and as far as I was concerned it was only one step away from all the physiotherapy I’ve had on my poorly back over the years. It hurt! I think I puzzled the masseur because she couldn’t understand why I kept yelping. Apparently all the knots in my muscles are in the wrong places for someone who spends so much time sitting at a desk.

      I’m a medical marvel! Or, uh, something…

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