Pimp my mag!

I am full of love for the wonderful SFX this month, not only because they’ve been throwing work my way (kiss kiss) but also because of THIS. Supernatural gets its second cover issue and a big feature – woohoo! I didn’t write it but I’m pimping it anyway because it’s Supernatural. (And the rest of the issue’s bloody good too, in case you were wondering…)

So go and buy it, okay?

And you might also want to buy it next month, seeing as it’s got my Misha Collins interview inside it… and [engages cryptic mode] possibly the best cover SFX has had in its entire history [disengages cryptic mode].

You still here? Go and buy eeeeeeeeeet…



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13 responses to “Pimp my mag!

  1. Ruud V

    ..we did, and have no regrets.
    We even liked the bit where some madwoman talks about the connection between small bladders and big films.
    And Steve Austin is in it too!

  2. Lerxst

    “possibly the best cover SFX has had in its entire history”

    Could it be Jayne Nelson – Cover Girl?

    At least, it won’t be anything to do with the child they’ve got taking over the Tardis….. 🙂

  3. Lerxst

    Just to say, that on reflection that last post of mine was a tad unfair. I will genuinely give Matt Smith a chance.

    I just wish that they hadn’t made things worse by dressing him up so he reminds me of James Harries… It’s just rather off-putting. 😦

  4. Ruud V

    …well. it could have been worse: he could have taken his costume-inspiration from Lauren Harries…

    I undewrstand that the bowtie was a sort of homage to Patrick Throughton’s doctor though.

    And when Henry Jones junior wasn’t off hunting relics but instead teaching archeology, he dressed very much like the 11th doctor.
    So there is hope….

    Totally off-topic now. I just returned from the cinema where I saw Harry Brown.
    Michale Caine.
    Good, isn’t he…?

    • Lerxst

      Yeah, I can understand the reference Ruud. The problem is appearance-wise, he doesn’t remind me of either Troughton or Ford…. Heck. It might be ok once he’s running around.

  5. Ruud V

    …well, there is always the companion, in That Short Skirt.
    She is of legal age, right?
    Doesn’t matter though, I still feel a bit like an old (ish) pervert…..

  6. Lerxst

    Ruud, she’s 21, but she looks younger (at least in the publicity shots). Though to be honest, I’ve reached that stage where even if she looked her age, I’d consider her way too young….

    I must just be getting old.

  7. Ruud V

    …I perfectly understand what you mean. The other day, the conversation was about the attractiveness of actresses on Battlestar Galactica.
    I was the only one who had Mary McDonnel as fave (maybe also because she resembles Elisabeth Sladen, who knows what my subconcious is doing).

    And about getting old (which I don’t mind because I hate the alternative), I am old enough to be Karen Gillan’s father…

  8. Ruud V

    FRAK! Now you have me doubting!
    Or not? I’m confused now.
    Still….president Roslyn. In a powersuit.
    And heels……

  9. Jenni

    For me, BSG is all about Jamie Bamber!!!!

  10. Ruud V

    …you were right about that cover, it’s brilliant! You should have seen Jasmijn, touching the front, checking the back, rubbing it to see how deep and thick it was, and not quite understanding how it was possible….

    Too bad about the weird looking bloke in the bowtie standing in front of that lovely young lady though…

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