Seeing red (or slightly off-red with brown bits)

I feel I need to apologise for the rather self-defeatist tone of my last post, which I didn’t realise sounded quite so negative until I came back to it a day later, having received lots of unexpected, supportive comments. Thank you all so much for saying such lovely things! Shucks, you guys…

That post was a random train of thought composed, rather bizarrely, while I was dyeing my hair bright red (and the keyboard too, as I also discovered this morning in bright daylight!). I was killing half an hour as the dye developed and my fingers just started typing. The results were unintentional on both counts: one slightly miserable blog post and one decidedly off-colour red hairdo, neither of which were as sharp as I’d been intending. What was originally going to be a post about whether blogging is dying out turned into something else, and I still don’t quite know where it came from.

To clarify: the thing about writing is that I love it. I don’t claim to be the best writer in the world and I still think my biggest skill is being able to compose a sentence that is grammatically correct (well, usually). I get intimidated by people who are better than me, naturally, in the same way anybody’s intimidated by people who are better than them, and occasionally it gets me down. But I get up again, often with an unsuccessful new hair colour, because I have no choice: writing is the only thing I can do. (Apart from raise plants. I have green fingers so green even the Hulk looks at them and thinks, “Whoa, green.”)

I’m really, really lucky that I get paid to write about things I love – TV, film, books. Okay, so I don’t get paid too much and some months, such as this one, I earn many new grey hairs waiting to find out if I can pay my rent or not – hence the hair dye.  But I somehow get through it, and people like you, with your wonderful feedback, remind me that there are people out there reading what I write and actually enjoying it. Thank you all! Your feedback was very much appreciated.

As a footnote, have some good news: as you may or may not recall, last May I was in a car crash with my friend Biddy, who smashed up her shoulder rather badly and has been sling-bound ever since. She finally had an operation this week to fix it – thank you, oh ‘speedy’ NHS – and she can finally move her arm again after eight months. Fantastic news! And it also means she’ll be healthy enough to attend this year’s Asylum convention in May, but I’m fairly certain we’ll be getting the train this time. Wouldn’t want to tempt fate and all that…



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2 responses to “Seeing red (or slightly off-red with brown bits)

  1. Katherine

    I’m so glad that you don’t actually feel that way about your writing skills. I read that blog and wrote you a lengthly email as to how wrong you were. However, when I looked again I found that the comments people had left pretty much echoed what my email said, which made it kind of redundant in the end. Oh well, the sentiment was there anyway.

  2. Nynke

    Glad to see you’re feeling better – and at the very least, your last post has created some early buzz for your novel, if it ever comes out 🙂

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