Angry Jayne is angry

So my bank have accidentally taken two loan payments out of my account in the space of a week, leaving me in a lot of trouble unless I can get one of the payments back as soon as possible.

When I called them to tell them, I got a sniffy girl telling me to ring their Customer Support team, which I did using the number she gave me, only I couldn’t get past their automated menu because every time I pressed a number related to my query, it took me back to her department. Eventually I spoke to her department a second time to check if I had the right number, only to be greeted by an even sniffier girl who informed me gruffly that “everybody was busy and I should try again later.”

Well, NO. Because ‘later’ would mean I’d incur bank charges, as there’s a time limit on how long I have to report a problem.

So I called the not-quite-working number again, sat through the automated menu twice, decided to press a number that had bugger all to do with my query just in case it put me through to someone who was actually helpful, and finally, after 35 minutes of pissing about, I spoke to a woman I could hardly hear who didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. She then put me on hold for 5 minutes, came back on the line and told me to ring back at 3pm because their records haven’t updated yet.

I should have a witty punchline to this story, but I’m afraid my witty punchline consists of me slamming the phone down very hard into the receiver ten times in a row until it shattered into little pieces.

Seriously, imagine if your bank took two loan payments in a week and not one out of the three people you spoke to even apologised for it, let alone offered any help?

My bank is Lloyds, by the way. Who were, until today, not that bad. Now I want to smash them like I smashed my poor, unsuspecting phone.


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6 responses to “Angry Jayne is angry

  1. Argh! How annoying. Although I hope you have another phone with which to call them back – after 3pm of course… Nat West are shite too.

  2. Katherine

    I think they make those automated phone lines so poor, just so that you would rather pay the bank charges than use them.

    I remember once being shoved around about three different departments and ended up being transfered to sales, where they tried to sell me life insurance!

    I’ve a mind to give up putting my money in banks and do what my ancestors did and shove it under the mattress.

  3. Lerxst

    “slamming the phone down very hard into the receiver ten times in a row until it shattered into little pieces”

    You actually smashed the phone? Are you related to Gordon Brown by any chance?

    But seriously, that is awful. Good luck getting it put right. I’m not going to tempt fate by saying my bank is ok, but on the plus side, I do at least have my branch’s phone number, and they have always been helpful (which is why I’ve never moved the account despite the branch being 200 miles from where I now live).

    Oh, and if Lloyds don’t sort it to your satisfaction (and that includes reimbursing you for any charges you incur as a result of their incompetence), get the Ombudsman involved:

  4. Rob Cox

    Hope you managed to get everything sorted in the end. Must admit the RBS we use is brilliant, they’ve even been known to phone us to warn us when we are about to go overdrawn so we can move some money around to stop charges being applied.

    I think there is a website somewhere where you can find out how to get past the automated message services as well.

  5. salomeuk

    If they made the mistake, they should waive charges – and refund any taken. You might have to argue a bit, but sometimes they can be reasonable… if you can speak to someone with sufficient intelligence to understand the situation, that is! Good luck getting it sorted asap; I’ve been in similar situations and I know how horrible it is.

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