And The Daily Mail does it again!

I have no idea who this Liz Jones woman is but she wrote a wonderful column today in which she claims:

But to be honest I don’t think the majority of women, once they are past the teenage crush period, even think about sex that much.

They put up with it, with the repetitiveness, the ridiculousness, the inconvenience and the inevitable disappointment, because it gets them to where they want to be: married, with children and someone to help shoulder the bills and dig the garden.

Thank you, Liz Jones, for telling the world that women only want a man to provide for them, that they will never enjoy sex and that having children and a nice garden is all they can ever aspire to.

And by way of reply can I just point out that when you have your very first orgasm – because you’ve clearly never had one – I hope you look back on this and think, “Oh. Perhaps I was wrong.”

(I think there’s another point she’s trying to make here about how women shouldn’t dare to date men who are younger and prettier than they are, but someone else can fight that battle for me. I’m too busy fuming about the ‘sex’ thing.)



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10 responses to “And The Daily Mail does it again!

  1. Lerxst

    Phew! You had me worried for a moment there when I started to read “Liz Jones….. wrote a wonderful column”.

    Who be Liz Jones? Well, she’s a whiny old harridan, I know that much. I could start on a character assassination, but I won’t because another blogger has already done it far better than I ever could:

  2. i’m waiting for inevitable “she needs a good shag” comments from twats whose opinions are validated by such comments. don’t bother finding out who she is, jayne, she’s basically an old journo who used to be quite entertaining (in her day and when she had something to write about). now she’s clinging on to readers by insulting the people in her neighbourhood and spouting random shite like this.

  3. Nynke

    I fume with you. Stupid woman…

    • Jenni

      Liz Jones is a woman whose younger husband cheated on her numerous times but she chose to stay with him – I think it’s made her a wee bit bitter! Yes I’m married to a younger man, I earn more than my husband (shock, horror!) and I like the independence my salary gives me, but I love the fact that I’ve met someone who gets me, shares my sense of humour and my love of Sci Fi and doesn’t mind me screaming when “Sexy Tony” returned in 24! I also know friends who are happily married with kids and rely on their husbands for financial support. What’s wrong with that? I think sex and life in general gets better the older you get cos your self confidence grows. I feel very sorry for her because I’m assuming her life hasn’t turned out how she wanted it to but I’m a firm believer in a person shaping their own destiny. I think she likes cats though so there’s a bit of good in her!

  4. liliavisser

    Good one, Jane!

    She needs a good shag! Or should I just say, has she ever had one?

    Anyway, whomever says “you put up with men and sex in order to have babys and financial support” is in need of a lot of pity from the rest of the world. Because she obviously never had anything good in her life.

    And pleeeeease, who needs men to have babys nowadays? They certainly help, but you can just go to an IV clinic and get your own – for a lot of money, that’s true! – without having to deal with a man in the process.

    Sincerely, if what the lady puts herself “But to be honest I don’t think the majority of women, once they are past the teenage crush period, even think about sex that much.” were true, there would certainly be a lot of less children in the world. And a lot less pleasure as well!


  5. Ruud V

    Sorry, JaYne, I’ve just realized I’ve spelled your name wrong. Unforgivable… 😦
    Lília V

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