Ice, ice, baby

I’ve been working from home this week and so I haven’t been affected by the Snowpocalypse (TM) currently affecting the UK, if you excuse giggling at all those news reporters on TV who’ve spent the last few days standing in a blizzard and reporting back to the studio, “Yes, it’s still snowing here!” as though we couldn’t figure it out for ourselves from just looking at them.

I did pop out to get some bread earlier today, however, and it really is amazingly icy out there – and considering I live in Richmond, which is a rich enough borough to have massive stockpiles of rock salt and top-class vehicles to spread it, that’s quite worrying. I feel sorry for all those folks whose councils ran out of salt ten minutes before it was needed…

Before the Snowpocalypse (TM) hit I spent a lovely day out and about in London with my friend James, who has now made it a yearly tradition to fly over from Los Angeles to see me every January (and possibly his family and all his other friends too, who knows?). We visited the Landscape Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the National Theatre (which was not only free but also warm) as well as our regular haunt, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum. I have to say, this year was possibly the most disappointing year I’ve ever seen – not because the photos weren’t uniformly good, because they were, but because no image leapt out and smacked me round the face like they had in previous years. Which is sad.

Still, here are my three favourites…

Eyes in the Oasis:



That cat’s called Ryska, by the way, and she’s Russian.


At the end of the day James and I found ourselves in Trafalgar Square, where, for the first time I can remember in my seven years of life in London, the fountains had frozen over. I’m talking thick ice, too, two inches thick and possibly even strong enough to walk on.

Just after taking this shot, James and I said goodbye for another year, and the moment I got home it started snowing. Thankfully he made it back to LA despite the weather, too. The Snowpocalypse (TM) was kind to us – I hope it’s been kind to you, too!



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5 responses to “Ice, ice, baby

  1. Lerxst

    Sorry to hear you were disappointed by the exhibition, but I know what you mean – I felt a bit like that last year.

    Couldn’t argue with your choice of shots – that penguin is just beautiful, and a great bit of opportunism. Personally, I’d also add in a couple of hare shots – the one with them boxing and this extreme close up.

    The winning wolf shot is also stunning, and I admit I’d be over-joyed to have taken it, but I’m not sure I’d have placed it so high. After the initial ‘wow’, the more you look at it, the more it looks unnatural and staged – which it is, even by the photographer’s own version of how he got the wolf to jump the fence. Easy to say now, but I’m not surprised it’s authenticity is being investigated. Shame though as it’s cast a bit of a shadow over a great exhibition.

    Anyway, hope the snow is still being kind to you. I’m starting to think that my next car has to be a 4×4…..

  2. bless that penguin (???) in the footprints shot. he looks so forlorn!

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