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A perfect Blackadder moment…

The train announcer at Richmond Station tonight should have said:

“The train now arriving at platform one is the South West Trains service to Wimbledon.”

What he actually said was:

“The train now arriving at platform one is the South West Trains service to… Wibble.”

I can’t understand why I was the only person on the platform who laughed.

Come on, people! Lighten up!



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In which Calvin gets what he wants

I just looked out of the window and saw it was snowing. Five minutes and lots of happy dancing, squealing and jigging about later, I looked again and it had stopped.


I feel like Calvin this week:

I always seem to blog these days to whinge about how busy I am (well, not whinge, considering how I’m self-employed and it’s a good thing to be busy). This month has been INSANE, however. I’m not sure I’ve made a lot of money doing it all, but I’ve certainly been rushed off my feet, so much so that when I get a rare day off I just stare blankly into space and can’t quite decide what to do. I’m looking forward to Christmas now: I finish my sub-editing stint on DVD & Blu-ray Review on the 23rd, and then I seem to have about eight days off. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WILL DO WITH ALL THAT FREE TIME! Except possibly collapse.

My Christmas Day is shaping up to contain three things: a viewing of Aliens, which I haven’t seen in a decade because I banned myself from watching it yet again in case I ruined it (30 times has to be enough, surely?); a viewing of the Region 1 extended version of Watchmen (not very Christmassy, I know, but nice and long) and a viewing of Doctor Who, which is now as much a part of Christmas as mince pies and roast potatoes (neither of which I’m having, seeing as my festive meal will most probably be pizza). All in all, sounds like a good day! If only it would snow, though… I’d go for a walk up to Richmond Park and look at the deer if it did. Sigh.

I’m always hyper-paranoid about talking about what I’ve done workwise because I never know what things I’m allowed to talk about what things I’m not; I work for all sorts of magazines who don’t want their subject matter discussed till they hit the shelves. I will say that in the last few weeks I’ve interviewed two actors (three, once I’ve got another phone interview out of the way tonight), three film producers, one writer/director and a screenwriter. Best of the lot was Supernatural‘s Misha Collins (check out SFX in a month or so!), although our chat took place in a very large, very cold room and neither of us could believe how chilly it was. Definitely the coldest interview I’ve ever done – and he said it was his, too, so at least it was memorable in some way, I suppose!

Last month I also found myself freezing on the red carpet at the film premiere of A Christmas Carol in Leicester Square, this time under a barrage of fake snow (fake! Ha!) while my cameraman colleague filmed me interviewing Colin Firth, getting a lovely grin from Jim Carrey and having lots of amusing chats with a handful of other celebrities I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t really know (singer Taio Cruz – who was a lovely chap – and several Britain’s Got Talent or X-Factor types). Peter Andre had very warm hands, too.

Best of all, I got to hear Andrea Bocelli sing ‘Silent Night’ a few feet away from me. What a voice that man has. I’ve now heard Bocelli, Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo singing live and I count myself very blessed, but Bocelli was possibly the highlight. Wonderful!

Here, have some pics (a little blurry):

And here’s one of the Pussycat Dolls, apparently, wearing a dress so small she must have been an icicle by the time she got in to see the film…

(I also have no idea why this picture is so big, but there you go.)

Oh, wow, I just looked out of the window again, and it’s SNOWING.


And with that, may I wish you all a Merry Christmas?


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