A Striped Red Tomato

This week has been the most horrendous mixture of work, stress, more work and more stress, culiminating in a really thoroughly miserable Friday (barring the two interviews I did – one with James Purefoy, who amused me greatly – and a screening of Where The Wild Things Are, which delighted me greatly).

But then THIS HAPPENED, and the universe is forgiven:

I’ve been obsessed with the Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino since I had a toy version of it as a four year old. I have models all over my house. I own a Starsky cardigan and a pair of his SL76 Adidas shoes. I love Starsky & Hutch madly and finally getting to meet the car was a (slightly weird) dream come true.

I even resisted the urge to throw myself over the bonnet. Go me!

After this picture was taken I bought a very large cuddly toy Totoro, watched Supernatural‘s Misha Collins and Julie McNiven give a bloody hilarious talk and was chased around by two men dressed as the Xenomorph from the Alien movies.

It was a very weird day.



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11 responses to “A Striped Red Tomato

  1. You two look made for each other!
    I love the car as well, though my fave policecar will probable always be Max Rockatanski’s Black Interceptor.
    My fave tv-car will always be the sixties Batmobile.

    Maybe Top Gear should do a test on policecars?
    I wonder which one will come out best: the Torino, Robocop’s Taurus, or Mad Max’ Holden Interceptor….

    If you like the Gran Torrino so much, maybe you should see the thriller “Countdown” (or Christmas Apocolypse, 1996), starring Lori Petty as a police inspector with a big thing for Starsky and Hutch, who drives a certain red car to emphasize this. It’s a nice little thriller, co-starring the lovely Yuki Hamami..

  2. tell us where we can find your James Purefoy interview and why yoiu interviewed him-I would love to be in such an enviable position…

  3. Lerxst

    The Gran Torino looks gorgeous and I had a similar fixation as a kid. However, if Top Gear ever did do a contest, it would get slaughtered Ruud. It is, in driving terms, a famously awful car. Oil tankers have smaller turning circles and more responsive steering.

    Keeping to law enforcement (so I can’t list Patrick McGoohan’s Lotus 7, damn you!), I’d have to go for a certain silver Ford Capri driven by one Mr Bodie……

  4. …okay, But isn’t cars being demolished half the fun of Top Gear?
    Semi-law enforcement cars then: The Equalizer’s Jaguar XJ, series 3. Class, power, and I bet Kristin Scott Thomas wouldn’t mind being picked up in one…..

    • Lerxst

      Decent call. At the time, I rather liked Ian ‘The Saint’ Ogilvy’s white Jaguar XJS, though I don’t think it’s aged that well, unlike the XJ.

      I also have a soft spot for the Firebird Esprit, as driven by one Jim Rockford. Heck, the Firebird has a pretty good lineage all round what with that, and then the TransAm in ‘Smokey & The Bandit’. (I won’t mention the talking, cylon-hybrid one that came later….)

  5. WtWTA: thumbs up or thumbs down? My bro and I lived for that book when we were young (as did most peeps our age). So it’s VERY important it’s a thumbs up. I’m almost tempted not to see it just in case it’s a thumbs down…

  6. The Torino is a lovely beast to look at, even if not a great drive. My fave TV car would be Roger Moore’s Volvo as the Saint (with a special mention to the Rentaghost batmobile…).

    You might like some of my pics here then…

    USA and Custom car run 2006
    • Lerxst

      Actually, thinking about it, even if he couldn’t rival Bond’s Astons, the Saint always had great cars – take the Jensen Interceptor in the late 80s, gorgeous thing.

  7. …Don’t know about how the Torino handles, but talking about Roger Moore and his Saintly Volvo, I remember that as a little boy I was impressed with the car he drove as Lord Brett Sinclair. I had to look it up, but it was a Bahama yellow Aston Martin DBS.

    Cop cars again. Frank Bullits Mustang (though Jayne will probable diasagree and mumble something about a Dodge Charger…..)

  8. ok guys…..I can tell you that this particulat Torino handles very well..it has upgraded everything in it including a specially built and unique engine with a radical cam and does the what it doesn’t say on the can but much more….

    You see guys…its my car so I know wll this….

    As for the film mentioned earlier Countdown” (or Christmas Apocolypse, 1996), starring Lori Petty as a police inspector with a big thing for Starsky and Hutch, who drives a certain red car …I cannot find anything on this film so your help would be appreciated to point me in the right direction…

    Take care
    Best regards
    David (Starsky)

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