Don’t mess with his elephants, okay?


I just watched Warrior King, a Thai martial arts movie featuring ‘new Bruce Lee’ Tony Jaa on fine form as a young man on a roaring rampage of revenge after his two elephant friends are stolen from his village in Thailand and shipped to Sydney, Australia, by a crazy woman with a whip (no, I couldn’t make this up).

Tony and elephant

The film is absolutely dreadful – plot, acting, editing, everything – but HOLY CRAP, WHO CARES? Every time a fight scene starts it suddenly becomes the most amazing thing in the history of the world. Just as in his previous Muay Thai jawdropper, Ong-Bak, Tony Jaa fights without wires or CGI or stunt doubles or anything even resembling camera trickery: it’s all real.

And nowhere is it better displayed than here, in one continuous shot – no cuts at all – which lasts almost four entire minutes and is probably one of the greatest fight scenes you’ll ever see. The quality isn’t 100% but I just watched this on DVD with a crystal clear picture and can assure you, IT’S REAL.





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10 responses to “Don’t mess with his elephants, okay?

  1. Lerxst

    Hmm. I guess my problem with this scene, and martial arts films generally, is I immediately think…

    The exception would be Kill Bill, which I rather enjoyed, but that might be due to the Uma Thurman Factor…

  2. Wow! I loved the way the camera tracked the fight all the way up the spiral stairs before peeking over the edge near the end.

  3. Great scene! Logic in films like these should take a backseat (preferable in another theater) when there are fightscene’s, I think.
    I prefer Jet Li to Ong Bak, but maybe because their backgrounds are different, with Bak having been a serious fighter, and Li being more with a showcase-Kung Fu background? Li’s fight have more flair and variations…

    I love pretenseless films these. In the nineties it was Jet Li, in the eighties we had Chuck Norris and van Damme, and in the seventies we had

    (sorry for the sound. The fighting starts after 30 seconds….)

  4. Oops…. I made a mistake when I mentioned Ong Bak, while I meant of course Tony Jaa.
    And I re-checked, and it turned out that I was confused with another actor. Jaa wasn’t a serious fighter before he turned to acting.
    Humble apologies….
    (I agree by the way with Lerxst concerning Adam Sandler, and it would be convenient if Rob Schneider was standing right behind him at the moment….)

    • Lerxst

      Actually Ruud, on second thoughts, I think I might commute the sentence to life imprisonment. After all, he did do ‘The Wedding Singer’ which is the main reason I’ve watched more than one of his subsequent films…

  5. Lerxst

    Oh, if I’d only known, it would have been 1571…

    ….but the funniest thing is they actually cut the film before the pelvic thrust!

  6. Brian

    Very impressive. But where were the elephants?

    I like elephants.

  7. Not really on-topic, but I just found out that Edward Woordward died today.
    Can’t really say why, but the news saddened me a lot. I liked him.

    The man who created him may have passed away, In my mind he is still somewhere in New York, helping the little men evening the odds, and doing some general equalizing
    Mr. Woodward, I salute you!

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