This is my last post about fish, honest guv’nor!

I’m becoming a fish bore, so I’m shutting up about my finned friends after this. But seeing as I got so many comments on my post bemoaning the fact that I wanted to give my tank a makeover, I thought you might like to see the results!

I went with a ‘Monument Valley’ theme in the end:


…although now I desperately want a Marlboro Man-style cowboy figure in there, too. Darn it.

Oh, and I finally managed to snap a nice shot of Bobby the plec:


I’m sure you’ll agree he’s both rather pretty and also rather grumpy-looking. That’s Ruby the shark poking her head into shot, by the way.


It’s been a crazy week. Each year around this time I sit down, look at my workload and think, “Bugger! I have nothing to do this month – how will I pay my bills?” And every year, by some miracle, within a day or so of having that panic, I suddenly get inundated. This week I’ve written six features already and have three more hanging over my head; I’ve written an advertorial and it looks like there are more on the way; I’ve written so many reviews I’ve actually forgotten how many there were; conducted a fun phone interview with an actor and arranged an email interview with a casting director; and as of Monday I will be working for three weeks as a sub-editor on DVD & Blu-ray Review. So I can pay my bills next month after all. Phew.

Thank you, oh Lord Of The Freelancers, for looking out for me! I’m very grateful.

I’m also cat-sitting my neighbours’ kitten for them this weekend, which at the moment seems to involve popping downstairs every few hours and dangling a feather on a stick in the air and making the cat leap up and down trying to catch it until I wear it out. Which was all very entertaining, for both me and the kitten, right up until I came up with the idea of shouting, “Wingardium leviosa!” every time I made the feather fly in the air, and now I can’t stop giggling. Even the kitten’s looking at me as if to say, “What’re you, six years old?!”

I hope my neighbours didn’t leave a webcam running to check I’m not stealing their stuff. How embarrassing.



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8 responses to “This is my last post about fish, honest guv’nor!

  1. Rob Cox

    Just wondering how big the tank is as we had a plec for about 6 months till he got to big for the tank. Luckily he was re-homed by our local specialist fish shop.

  2. jaynenelson

    Oh, it’s pretty big. I think it’ll be quite a while before he outgrows it. Hopefully many years! I’ve seen how big those suckers get, though, so I’d definitely need a bigger tank…

  3. Lerxst

    I’d be quite grumpy too if someone had stuck me to a rock 🙂

  4. Somehow it works, with the colors of the photo blending in with the rocks in the tank. But you could have gone with a dinosaur-motive as well: sea reptiles! Daughter is currently completely devoted to Chased by Seamonsters, but maybe your fish wouldn’t like a big Megalodon or Lioplorodon peeking over their shoulders (f they had shoulders of course).
    I think Jasmijn is the only 4+ year old who is completely smittten by Nigel Marven…

  5. Lerxst

    Off topic but ooo ooooo…

    Alice….And look! It’s my namesake at 1.17… 🙂

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