Of Fish And Silly Things

As you can see from this picture:


I have a very serious living room. After years of living in student accommodation or studio flats or houses that were pretty much falling down – I’ve moved around a lot – I finally have a place where the wallpaper isn’t peeling off and I don’t have to cover up the damage with posters. I have grown-up things in my living room. Beautiful art prints by photographers Lehnert and Landrock, all the way from Cairo. An antique typewriter. Pretty plants. Fancy velvet sofas.

And a tropical fish tank.

I’ve not had much luck with my fish since I started keeping them back in April; only one of my original batch remains, a spotted plec named Bobby (after Supernatural‘s grumpy old hunter) who makes me smile because he is (a) spotty and (b) grumpy. Last week I brought home some more fish – three silver dollars I’ve named Dave, Dave and Nick after the SFX team (don’t ask), two boesemani rainbow fish I’ve named Fred and George because they’re ginger like the Weasley twins; and a ruby shark I’ve called Ruby, after Ruby on Supernatural (what? It made sense at the time!). They all seem as happy as fish can be, their tank looks pretty and all is well with the world.

Except that I’m a bit fed up with being sensible. You know how you can buy special laminated pictures to stick on the back wall of your fish tank? Pictures of submerged mangrove tree roots or sunken shipwrecks or deep blue ocean ripples? They tend to look tacky and fake, but they give the fish something to look at that isn’t their own reflections, and I’m tempted to buy one.

The thing is, my living room is a nice, adult, grown-up, serious living room. BUT I WANT A PICTURE OF SOME DINOSAURS.

Someone talk me out of it. Please?


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15 responses to “Of Fish And Silly Things

  1. Lerxst

    Go for it. My living room is a similarly grown-up space: gentleman’s club style leather sofas, yew reproduction bookcases, water colours of my old college, etc. Doesn’t stop me hanging ‘New Borg City’ on one wall. With a bit of careful choosing you can get away with contrast 🙂

  2. jaynenelson

    Oh lord, you’re temptin’ me now…

    Maybe I’ll split the difference and go with a Utah desert scene. Then it’s a sort of ironic juxtaposition rather than a jarring prehistoric diorama.

  3. Lerxst

    What, like this?

    More seriously, I guess something with a slightly older feel to the image, might work well with L&L photos. This sort of feel:

  4. Rob Cox

    As lerxst said “go for it”. There should always be some sign of our little eccentricities within our life – if only to keep ourselves sane.

  5. Nynke

    also, being grwon-up is highly overrated (I’m only 29 now but I plan to keep saying this for the rest of my life). A Utah desert scene sounds cool 🙂

  6. I should say go for it as well. It’s all nice to have a grown up livingroom and all that, but it’s a bit like living in a showroom at IKEA, isn’t it?

    Our livingroom is also pretty grown up, though a bit cluttered with toys that belong to 4-year old daughter. Didn’t kept us from hanging a big framed poster of Rio de Janeiro on the wall, together with a framed poster for the Rotterdam Maritime Museum anouncing the “comicbook-heroes and the sea”-exhibition, a group of framed postcards featuring the TARDIS in mythical locations (like cropcircles and Stonehenge), and an art-reproduction of an ocean being devoured by a giant maelstrom.
    It gave the livingroom some more personality.

    No goldfish though, eventhough it’s would be safe to have them now that our cat Lori died of old age…..

  7. lizwc

    I’m voting with “go for it!” too. I think dinos would work with fish. You could argue that it’s giving the fish something to aspire towards evolution-wise… like sticking a goose egg in a hen shed.

  8. Just maybe not a big open-mouthed T-rex which might scare the poor fish.

  9. Lerxst

    Off topic… Jayne, a while back I seem to remember you posting the literal version of Take On Me. Well, this has just been brought to my attention:

    ” what the effin crap, that angel felt me up”

  10. Narin

    Go for something just geeky enough – I love having things in my flat which if you’re a geek you ‘get’ but if not you just think are random canvas/prints.

    I have a squareish Niki canvas in my living room that’s a crop of this (as per what was originally shown in S1)
    and this in my bedroom

    And a framed Persephone tourism poster in my hall.

    If you’re a geek you get it, if not they look realistic enough (esp the Niki canvas with the great Tim Sale pop cultureish vibe).

    Sad? Mebbe. But I’m still geekily proud 😉

    PS Did you leave your Jaynesworld domain? My bookmark is broken…

  11. jaynenelson

    Thanks for all your feedback, everybody! Much appreciated.

    (and that ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ clip cracked me up!)

  12. Jemma

    Completely off-topic and terribly late, but I just had to smile at the fact you have an antique typewriter since I had a big argument with my mother just yesterday about why my brother and I love typewriters and notebooks when we have computers. She’s convinced we’re silly, I’m struggling to find a simpler way to define the word ‘hobby’. It was right around the point that she said ‘if you have a choice between doing your homework on a typewriter or a computer….’ that I realised I was fighting a losing battle.

  13. Karie

    I know I’m late in reading this, but those plecostamus fishes, they live just short of forever. And they just keep growing to fill your tank if you’re not careful. 🙂

    But they are funny & enjoyable creatures, hey?

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