This Is Not Twitter

Great. So I post to say I keep getting distracted by Facebook and Twitter and I’m fed up of it and I promise I’ll stop all that nonsense and come back to my blog… and then I don’t post for two weeks.

I suck.

I wonder if the future of blogging will lie in one-sentence updates that are limited to a certain number of characters? It’ll be fairly dull, yes, but everybody appears to love it. And it’s certainly less time-consuming! Not to mention less guilt-making than having a blog that you keep ignoring…

Since my last post I saw Neil Finn (and Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway, among others) perform in the sweatiest venue I’ve ever attended in my life – Dingwall’s in Camden, on a scorching hot evening – and I was THIS CLOSE to the stage:


…which, I’m sure you’ll agree, was plenty close enough. It was a fantastic gig and Neil was in fine voice, not to mention a very good mood, and the tracks on the new Seven Worlds Collide album sound magnificent. It’s out in a couple of weeks and proceeds go to Oxfam: make a purchase!

I was lucky enough to see 15 minutes of preview footage from James Cameron’s Avatar at the IMAX on Friday, which I must say made up for the fact that the movie trailer released the day before had disappointed me. It looked way too computer-gamey for my liking, but when you see some of the imagery in context and hear the characters talk, you get a sense of what Cameron’s trying to achieve.

The footage was quite literally breathtaking – though I must admit, some of that had to do with the fact I was sitting too close to the IMAX screen, and a 3D movie the size of a house does make you a little nauseous! But now I have high hopes for the film. And man, it’ll be nice to have action-extravaganza Cameron back. I miss his The Abyss days.

I also have a confession to make: after a year spent complaining about it and haughtily informing people that I’d watched the first episode and hated it and never wanted to see it again… I finally watched season one of True Blood. And yes, I’m addicted now. I hate Sookie Stackhouse with every atom of my being, but if I look past that it’s actually a pretty decent show. Glad to hear it’s doing so well in the ratings, too, although if Anna Paquin gets another Golden Globe for season two I’ll start feeling faintly homicidal toward her!

Right! Now I need to write a review of Dollhouse. There’s an extra episode on the DVD release that’s, well, interesting to say the least. If the show chooses to go in that direction from now on, I’ll be very happy…



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6 responses to “This Is Not Twitter

  1. Lerxst

    Decent venue Dingwalls, though I think the last time I was there was to see King Adora (so 2000ish), and it was one of those occasions that make you feel very old: the audience seemed to be me, my mate and then all these, well, children.

    But pah, if you want close, try the 100 Club. Saw Fairport Convention there, and I was sat resting my arm & my pint on the stage 🙂

    BTW just a quick vote for not loving the idea of dull one-sentence blogging :-(. I’ve managed to steer clear of MySpace and Facebook, and I’m sure as hell not getting into twitter (even if Stephen Fry is on it).

    Though talking of Mr Fry, you’re probably well aware of this as I’m sure he must have twittered about it, but he’s got a new TV series coming soon – revisiting the late, great DNA’s footsteps and going kakapo hunting:

    (There’s even a link there to the original radio series 🙂 )

  2. jaynenelson

    I went to the 100 Club for the first time a few months ago to interview James Marsters – you’re right, it’s TINY! Didn’t see him perform though, and the place wasn’t open when I was there, but I can only imagine how hot and crowded it must get… *shudder*

    And thanks for the reminder about Last Chance To See! I can’t wait for the kakapo episode. Can’t. Wait.

  3. Lerxst

    Yeah, it probably can get a bit sweaty, though wasn’t too bad when I was there (but then Fairport are a bunch of old folkies, were doing an acoustic set, and most of us had seats). That said while it is small, if you really want tiny, try the 12 Bar Club round the corner. 🙂

    Actually, makes me think it’s been a while since I got to a gig. Must sort something out!

  4. jaynenelson

    Thanks for that Guardian link! I can’t wait to see the show now…

  5. Lerxst

    It was a great programme wasn’t it, if predictably bittersweet – enjoyable documentary but ultimately sad tale of the ongoing demise of such a docile creature. I get the feeling there’s going to be a lot of that in this series unfortunately.

    I don’t know if it was just me but I did find Stephen Fry’s delivery of his off-camera narration reminiscient of Doug – especially the sections with the clockwork globe that just smacked of The Book. Consciously so, I suspect.

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