Worlds Colliding

Blame Twitter. And Facebook. Thanks to this almighty team of time-wasters, I don’t seem to blog half as much as I used to. It’s easier to write a single sentence and post it on my Twitter than it is to write about it in length here, and it’s far easier to upload photographs on my Facebook page than to go through the fiddly process of posting them on WordPress. However, my blog tardiness is annoying me, and hopefully I can ignore the lure of social networking and start to blog properly again.

Of course, now I’ve said that, I don’t really have anything to blog about at the moment! Life’s ticking over; I’m perfectly busy (in the sense that I have exactly the right amount of work and exactly the right amount of time to do it in); I haven’t done anything interesting except pay a tax bill which, oddly enough, is the reason I haven’t done anything interesting because it’s made sure that I can’t afford to. However, in a rather amazing bout of serendipity, my solicitor has managed to secure me a compensation pay-out from my car crash back in May which effectively pays off half of that bill, so I’m thrilled to pieces about that… particularly because my back seems to be a lot better, too. (Although I’m still having physiotherapy, and it still hurts. Last week the receptionist in the physio place was on the phone to a customer while I was screaming in the background, and every time I think about that it makes me giggle. What must that poor customer have thought?)

On Tuesday I’m seeing Neil Finn perform his new Seven Worlds Collide show at Dingwalls in Camden, so I’m happy about that (he was on Sky News this morning discussing it, and I’ve never seen his fringe look quite as spectacular). I’ve been a bit out of touch with Finn-fandom in the last two years so I’m hoping to redress the balance a little – I’m not sure anybody, with the possible exception of David Attenborough (my childhood hero!), has ever been more of an idol to me than Neil Finn, and so it’s always a joy to see – and hear – him in the flesh.

Myself (right) and the Finnster after a gig in 1998. Ah, happy times...

Myself (right) and the Finnster after a gig in 1998. Ah, happy times...

Changing the subject completely, I watched my very first Bruce Lee movie last night. Quite why it’s taken me so long to discover the joys of Mr Lee I have no idea, but apparently 37 isn’t too old an age to watch one of his films while bouncing up and down on the sofa and making “Waaaaah…. heeee!” noises while performing jerky chopping noises with your hands. Fist Of Fury was brilliant, so now I’m adding Enter The Dragon to my LoveFilm list and will, no doubt, find myself bouncing up and down on the sofa while I watch that one, too.

Also, has anybody else noticed that in the movie’s biggest showdown, Bruce Lee fights Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy?

And finally… I would be writing my opinions on the Palestinian suicide-bomber film Paradise Now here, after finally finding the time to settle down and watch the DVD that’s been sitting by my player for a year now. Given that I spend a lot of time working for a DVD magazine and I’m always in offices where review discs are everywhere, I’m generally assured of a steady stream of things to watch – but, being that they’re review discs and are sent out before the title is released, they usually have copyright warnings or timecodes on them. You get used to tuning them out while you watch. Unfortunately, however, Paradise Now‘s enormous “PROPERTY OF WARNER BROS” stamp was positioned directly OVER the subtitles for the movie, so watching it was impossible.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it takes a special kind of stupidity to be able to do something like that. I despair, I really do.

And now I have some reviews to write, and I absolutely will not play on Facebook or Twitter while I do so.



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6 responses to “Worlds Colliding

  1. Apart from loading tent and campinggear in our new car (well, it’s new for us) at the end of the week for two weeks camping in the French Dordogne, nothing much happened here either.

    Can’t say that I still have childhood heroes, musically. As a young teen I discovered the band Sailor, of which I am still fond, and of whom I still play CD’s (and vinyl!) quite often.
    Same with Dutch Fay Lovsky amd band the Nits
    By the way Jayne, I was watching an old video on YouTube the other day, which made me wonder: why did you stop using that cute Irish accent after you left B*witched?

    I saw some Bruce Lee movies when I was younger, but couldn’t get into them really (it was mostly the not-so-brilliant production-values, and the AWFULL dubbing). It took Jacky Chan and Michelle Yeoh to get me hooked. HMMMM, Heroic Trio. Michelle, Maggie and Anita……
    Though as a teen I was really into the films that Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill made in the seventies, and still have some hidden in the DVD-collection. It’s not martial arts, but it sure is brilliant spectator-moviefighting. They were quite big in mainland Europe, though I don’t know anout the UK though….

  2. Lerxst

    Jayne, I trust Neil was a gibbering wreck – you look absolutely stunning in that shot! (And hope the shampoo commercial contract paid well :-))

  3. Well, I don’t know about that shampoo. I think I still detect some Split Enz……

  4. Lerxst

    Boom, boom. Nice one Ruud.

  5. “… and I absolutely will not play on Facebook or Twitter while I do so.”

    I keep telling myself this every day for the past 3 months to no avail. I used to not have any idea what the big deal was with Twitter, but now I do and I use it for “microblogging” (read: feeling less guilty for not blogging more often as I should).

    BTW, have you watched District 9? You should.

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