Yet Another YouTube Sensation…

This time it’s a pleasing David and Goliath story.

Last year musician Dave Carroll made a journey with United Airlines. While he arrived at his destination in one piece, his hugely expensive Taylor guitar didn’t. After a lengthy and ultimately fruitless attempt to get United to cough up some compensation, he decided to record this song about the experience – the catchily titled ‘United Breaks Guitars’ – and to record a video.

Here is the result:

This video was posted on July 6th. That’s six days ago. As I write this, it’s had an astonishing TWO MILLION views.

It’s a catchy tune, and he seems like a nice chap, and apparently United have said they’ll look into his claim and might even use the video for training purposes. Until then, let’s see if you can watch the whole thing without it sticking in your head so firmly you’ll find yourself humming it the next time you’re on a plane. Or in the shower. Whatever.

Remember: United breaks guitars. Take a car.



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2 responses to “Yet Another YouTube Sensation…

  1. Funny video, sad story. Since the closest I come to country is the Eagles, I’m not worried about the song sticking in my head though.

    I am quite fortunate in luggage-experiences with airlines. Only once did our luggage get left behind in Trondheim while we were flying on to Sandnessjoen, but they arrived the next day and were nicely delivered on our doorstep, courtesy of Wideroe Air…

  2. liliavisser

    I loved it, by the way. Even if the story is a “sad” one. How’s life, by the way?

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