Random Post Is Random

It’s been just over five weeks since my car accident and two days ago I got a clean bill of health from a medical professional. I still have an achey back, and the insurance company have organised physiotherapy sessions to make it better, but with any luck I’ll be right as rain in a few months.


To celebrate, I’ve been watching this video and dancing along – apologies if you’ve seen it already (it’s been viewed 22 million times, so I’d be surprised if you hadn’t) but hey, it’s always worth another watch…

I saw the new Harry Potter movie on Friday. Half-Blood Prince isn’t the best book in the series by a long way and, in the same vein, the film isn’t the best film in the franchise either. But it’s got its charms and it’s very, very funny – kudos to Rupert Grint for selling his love potion affliction so brilliantly! But, like the book, bugger all happens until the end, where things get rather dramatic. I’m not sure the film manages to pull of the drama quite where it’s needed, but it didn’t fumble it either, so it’ll… do, I suppose.

And there’s SO MUCH SNAPE. I was a very happy Snape fangirl in that cinema, I can tell you, as my companions will no doubt confirm, because there was a lot of squeaking coming from my direction every time Alan Rickman said a line. How does he do it? How can any actor manage to say two words and make me fall on the floor in tucks of laughter? And oh, the things that man can do with the swirl of a robe…

Finally, because I haven’t posted any Obama-love recently, have two awesome photos of him I stumbled across last night:

Obama in 3D

Obama taking a stroll

I’ll bet he doesn’t fiddle his expenses like every British politician under the sun is doing at the moment. But then again, why would the White House need a moat, anyway?


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3 responses to “Random Post Is Random

  1. mind if i plug my potter post in a rather obvious and vulgar manner?


    i wasn’t as forgiving as you, being that they more or less ignored the main thread of the plot…

    and people were saying about snape but i didn’t notice him massively. too busy getting simultaneously fecked of with bonnie and enamoured with jessie! ah well.

  2. post random A answer random deserves a

  3. jaynenelson

    Oh, very droll, Ruud.

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