Wheely Good Fun

I’ve spent the past week sub-editing on Procycling Magazine, which is somewhat ironic when you consider the fact that I haven’t ridden a bike since I was eight years old and didn’t even know what Lance Armstrong looked like until seven days ago. Now, however, I know what a peloton is, which team Armstrong rides for and, most importantly of all, that looking at pictures of fit guys in tight Lycra all day is something I rather enjoy.

Ah, life is good.

On Thursday I’m heading off to Birmingham for Asylum, so I’ll be spending the weekend surrounded by a few thousand Supernatural fans and having heated discussions on topics such as “Will Lucifer destroy the Earth?”, “How many miles can a ’67 Impala travel on one tank of gas?” and “Holy crap, why are there no male Supernatural fans in this hotel?”

If you’re going to the convention, please say hello if you see me – I may even interview you for a feature. (No, really. I’ll take a picture and everything. It’s not a wind-up.) If you’re not going to the convention, have a nice weekend. Why not go cycling if the weather’s nice? You could even form a peloton!



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9 responses to “Wheely Good Fun

  1. Lerxst

    “Why not go cycling if the weather’s nice?”

    I feel a Clarkson quote coming on… 🙂

  2. Jenni Carberry

    I’m actually running Edinburgh Marathon at the weekend – wish I was cycling!!!

  3. Actually, I cycle everyday, in good and bad weather. It’s The Dutch Way (and I don’t have a driverslisence).
    I go to work by bicycle, do the shopping by bicycle, and it’s my main mode of transport. I think Dutch cavemen incented the bicycle before the wheel (or deodorant)….

    Have fun in Birmingham! I’ll be looking forward of reading the stories!
    And what’s wrong with too many women being present? Sounds just fine by me….

  4. Lerxst

    Off topic, but new Who assistant… Oh my god. After appointing the youngest Doctor since Dougie Howser, they’ve actually managed to find an assistant who looks even younger. No healthy parental/adult lusting after the assistant totty now!


  5. It’s now official: the difference in age between current Doctor-companions and me is now so big that instead of thinking “hubba hubba”, I now create thoughts like “eat your veggies, little girl”, and “run away if he suggest that you hold his sonic screwdriver!”…..

    And on topic: I use my bicycle very day when going to work, do shopping, or transport four year old daughter around. I have this special safety-seat for little children attached to the luggage-carrier of my bicycle….
    …which I think also cleverly (?) links the topics “bicycle” and “Doctor Who companion” …..

    How is the whiplash by the way, and how is Biddypergilliam doing?

  6. Lerxst

    Ruud, are you suggesting they’ll have to fit the Tardis with a booster seat? 🙂

  7. No, that would be silly.
    But maybe some safetydoors at the top and bottom of all the TARDIS stairs, and some of those baisins with colorfull plasitc balls in them to keep the companion occupied while the Doctor is saving some universe?
    After all, we have to be carefull with The Companion. Who knows if CBBC needs her thirty years from now….

  8. lizwc

    Surely the Doctor is going to run the risk of having the Shadow Proclamation removing The Companion from his care if he leaves her playing by herself in the TARDIS whilst he’s off saving the universe? She could get into all sorts of harm left on her own. BBC had better start thinking about having the Doctor register with a day care centre, otherwise she’ll be on the At Risk register…

  9. Lerxst

    Good point Liz, though she’ll be on the At Risk register anyway..after all, he’s not a relative, he’s just a very strange man she’s hanging around with….

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