Vampires, Stop-Motion Fish and Japanese Kitty Kats

Okay, for those of you who asked: my James Marsters interview (and a very long one, at that – we chatted for an hour, which was very generous of him!) will be appearing in the SFX Vampire Special, out in all good stores in early June. It’s looking like a good Special and, as we all know, VAMPIRES ARE COOL excluding that bloody sparkly one with the wimpy girlfriend so you know you want to read it!

It’s been a good week for interviews, actually, because I also got to chinwag with Neil Gaiman yesterday about Coraline (out this weekend – you’re seeing it, aren’t you? Aren’t you?) and also discussed the movie with the director Henry Selick, which was rather lovely because I adore his work (his fish creations for The Life Aquatic, let alone everything else he’s done in his career, just blow me away). Also? The PR people fed me while I waited to speak to them, and there is no bad in that. Particularly when kiwi fruit is involved.

Because I haven’t posted a video in a while, have this:

But please don’t try it yourself, okay?

And also – have you met Maru yet? He’s a little obsessed, bless him. Show him a bag or a little box and he does this:

Show him a big box and he does this:

We should envy Maru. He is made happy by the simplest things. He is a zen feline.



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7 responses to “Vampires, Stop-Motion Fish and Japanese Kitty Kats

  1. Maru is great – I love cats and myEmme loves boxes too – on to the JM interview now-

  2. Guess I have to wait for June on the article – I LOVED Coraline, the book and film –

  3. Katerina

    Have you seen Let The Right One In?
    Do you know by any chance if its covered by SFX’s vampire issue….
    Amazing film. I just wish people would stop mentioning it in the same breath as the sparkly vampires!! Ugh

  4. Lerxst

    As for vampires, I stumbled across this today:

    “Snower argues that the mortal world can manage its resources in a manner that keeps the undead population in check, while simultaneously promoting long-term economic growth”

    Ok, maybe it’s professional amusement, but I thought it quite brilliant (and love the tags). I wish my job involved more work on the economics of the undead… 🙂

  5. Katerina

    I’m trying to work an angle where I get to write about Vampires for my historical dissertation, it’d be interesting to see where the legend originated from in England… now to convince the faculty it research and not just fun! 😀

  6. jaynenelson

    There’s so much vampire love out there! (In proper researchy-sense, too, not just in chick-lit form.) Interesting…

    And I haven’t seen Let The Right One In, Katerina, for one simple reason: I AM A BIG GIRLY WUSS AND IT LOOKS SCARY. Sorry.

  7. Katerina

    Don’t Wuss out! Seriously you’ll risk missing out on a great film, plus if you wait for the dvd to come out you can always just keep a cushion handy! 😀

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