Easter’s no fun without the eggs. Just so you know.

Happy Easter, everybody! Although Easter really doesn’t seem to be much of a holiday these days; just an endless trudge along foggy motorways for your average Brit, followed by the disappointment of a rainy seaside, which is then followed by another trudge along another foggy motorway a few days later on the journey home.

(Still, even that sounds more fun than being locked inside your house catching up on endless housework while fretting over all those features you’re supposed to have written by Tuesday morning when all your editors are back in the office…)

But Easter did bring us one lovely thing this year: Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead, which I enjoyed very much indeed, oh yes; particularly Lee Evans (just the right balance of slapstick and mad boffin tomfoolery). It also brought home the fact that I will really miss David Tennant as Number Ten: he’s so brilliant in the role, from the tips of his tatty Converse All-Stars to his delightfully scribbly hair. When his Doctor dies over Christmas I fear I shall blub like a very blubby thing indeed. Not the least for the scribbly hair, which will hopefully be replaced by Matt Smith’s deliciously quirky hair instead. We shall see…

I’ve been working hard this weekend in preparation for a very busy week: all in all, I have one day in the office, a screening of Wolverine to attend (not exactly a hardship, that), friends arriving and many adventures to be had with them, a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform all the music from The Fellowship of the Ring live, a screening of Star Trek to attend (not exactly a hardship there, either) and there’s also a small possibility I’ll be sitting in the same room as Hugh Jackman for a little while as he talks about Wolverine. Which will be rather fabulous, should it happen, particularly if the film is as great as we all hope it is (I can’t discuss it here, however, as I have to sign an embargo on my review).

I do have a sneaky suspicion that this week will be fun. If it’s not, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the universe.

I’ll tell you what isn’t fun, though: Dollhouse. I’ve now seen the first eight episodes and I’ve only enjoyed one and a half of them. Please, please get better, Dollhouse, or I might not even make it to the end of the season… although it’s a moot point because chances are this season will be its last anyway. Oh dear.

Oh, and something else that isn’t fun? Being on a diet over Easter. No chocolate eggs for me. I can’t even look at one. Still, I’m losing weight and eating so healthily my body keeps whispering, “It’s about time, woman!” in my ear every night when I fall asleep. Hurrah!

But yes, a Cadbury’s Creme Egg would go down very nicely right now. Sigh.



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5 responses to “Easter’s no fun without the eggs. Just so you know.

  1. Jenni Carberry

    I’d love to be in the same room as Hugh Jackaman but think I’d just smile at/drool over him and forget to interview him!! Can’t wait for Wolverine to come out or the new Trek film. I finally saw Dr Who yesterday and it was fab! Like you say, DT will be missed but I might focus more on the plot when MS takes over as I don’t fancy him!!

  2. Ruud V

    We actually have quite nice weather during the easterweekend, so yesterday we went for a long walk in a forrest (after an egg-hunt in the garden for Jasmijn), and today Jasmijn and I went for some Italian icecream and a nice stroll-cycle along the river (Lília had to work today).

    Wolverine doesn’t do much to me, though I wouldn’tmind a film about Jean Grey, as long as Famke is back.
    Lília had a bit of a GGGRRR-moment when she read about you interviewing Hugh Jackman, but she is happy for you of course.
    She would probable do the same as Jenni if in a room with him…

    Sadly we had a mishap with the DVD-recorder when wqe wanted to record the Who-special (forgot to adjust it to daylight savingtime), so we try again today, whe they repeat it…

    And sorry, but we did have Easter-eggs, from Droste-chocolate no less.

  3. Lerxst

    I don’t know, the Easter Who really did very little for me. In all honesty, I got more excitement out of watching the Damian McBride saga unfold over the weekend (sad, I know). To me Planet of the Dead just felt like a Who episode done by numbers.

    No particular criticism of Tennant who continues to gurn as if his life depends on it. Indeed, I wish he was staying. However, I just wish RTD would hurry up and go, so we can get to the Moffatt era and see if it breathes new life into the series, away from RTD’s (tortured) messiah obsession.

    (And yes, I do suspect it’s at least partly an age thing as when UNIT appeared, I was conscious of missing the old Brig’s sarcasm and exasperation, compared to the current “it’s him, omg, isn’t he just wonderful’).

    As for the Hugh Jackman thang, enjoy. Just try not to turn into a puddle of over-excited squee too conspicuously. 🙂

  4. Lerxst

    PS Apparently my problem is that I ‘judge every new Who episode by the standards of Blink’. This may be true… 🙂

  5. lizwc

    I had no eggs over Easter either!!! I’ve developed an annoying milk intolerance and couldn’t even look at an egg without feeling ill… 😦
    Well done Jayne for sticking to your diet in the face of the National Chocolate-Fest that is Easter!!! Well Done!!! (Cheers)

    But I did like the Easter Who. Better than the Christmas Who to be honest, although that’s cos the false “is he the new Dr?” foilers had annoyed me before we’d even started. A mid-season Who episode by the numbers with some good old modern-day-ordinary-people-in-danger was just what the doctor ordered (see what I did there?)…. And I liked the female brigadier with her “shut the wormhole down even if the Dr is still there” attitude. She has some guts about her.
    And Earth Guns defeated Alien Manta-Rays… that’s got to be something to cheer about surely?

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