Praise Be!

As anybody who reads this blog – or my columns in SFX – no doubt already knows, I’m a huge fan of Supernatural. (And if you didn’t know, it’s probably because I try very hard not to enthuse too much because I don’t want to become a Winchester bore, although frankly I’m not sure my self-control is that impressive.) Not only do I love the show, I’m also lucky enough to write the odd piece for the official Supernatural Magazine, which is pretty much about as dreamy as a dream job could ever get, particularly because I do it on a freelance basis and thus can remain spoiler-free in the process.

This week’s episode of Supernatural, which I won’t spoil for anybody reading this who’s watching them on ITV2 and isn’t up to date with the US broadcasts, was like nothing I think I’ve ever seen before. I’ve watched it three times now and I am still stunned that the writers managed to pull it off – ‘audacious’ doesn’t really cut it. Without being too spoilery, we’re talking about an episode which effectively broke the fourth wall and mentioned Supernatural fandom – seriously, there was a scene in which Sam and Dean discussed FANFIC. And somehow, it worked. The writing team got away with it. It was silly, and then it got terribly serious, and by the end it all made absolute, perfect sense. What an amazing episode. And this, hot on the heels of ‘On The Head Of A Pin’ a few weeks ago, which was so exciting I tried to talk about it afterwards to a friend and actually ran out of words. Pigs? They flew.

Damn, season four has been astonishing.

But I’m not really here to big up Supernatural, because… well, I don’t really need to. The reason for this post is because I wanted to acknowledge the fact that Supernatural has been kicking ass. In the UK, it’s ITV2’s highest-rated show – last week’s episode, ‘Heaven And Hell’, got 678,000 viewers, which might not sound like a lot, but it’s on against Lost on Sky One and ITV2 is a pretty small channel. It’s a fantastic achievement!

In America this week, however, Supernatural managed to do this (according to a press release from The CW):



Facing E.R. Finale, SUPERNATURAL Posts Its Best Adults 18-34 Ratings in 2 ½ Years; Matches Its Best Men 18-34 Ratings EVER on The CW

The CW’s Matches its Best Thursday of The Season in Adults 18-34

Ignoring all the techno-speak (why are American ratings and shares so damn complicated, anyway?), essentially what this is saying is this:


…Not to mention the special 200th episode of CSI. I am so, so proud of my favourite television show right now. Go Team Winchester!

(And I might also mention that Issue 8 of Supernatural Magazine is in shops right now, and features the very amusing interview I did with this guy:


That’s Misha Collins as Castiel, if you don’t know, and yes, he’s dressed like John Constantine on purpose. Did I mention how much I love this show?)

And this concludes this month’s gratuitous Supernatural fangirling from your host. Thank you for listening. Drive carefully, now.



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18 responses to “Praise Be!

  1. Rob Cox

    How will you cope with the news that season five could be the last though?

  2. jaynenelson

    I honestly don’t mind, as long as it goes out on a high! I’d rather it ended next year than it went downhill. A show can only stay razor-sharp for so long, after all. Look what happened to The X-Files (or, in a much shorter timespan, Heroes).

    Also? I’m not sure my poor heart can take a sixth season.

  3. Ruud V

    You are so cute when you are in Supernatural-mode.
    Please don’t ever loose this enthousiastic side of yours. It would be sorely missed….!

  4. jaynenelson

    And I love you too, Ruud.

  5. jaynenelson

    Oops. Our secret is out, Ruud.

  6. Ruud V

    Well, we’ll allways have London and breakfastdinners…..

  7. lizwc

    Wow. Wow. Wow. all I can say about the ratings. And I’m with Jayne. Better the show goes out all guns blazing on a massive high than that it carries on past it’s best-before date and becomes its own parody (Smallville anyone?)

  8. jaynenelson

    Don’t even mention Smallville. Season nine? W.T.F????

  9. casspence

    Hi Jayne, your lurker over here has decided to pop up and say a great big AMEN to all your Supernatural glee, its both bizarre and exciting to see it holding its own against the ‘giants’ like ER. Go Winchesters!

  10. jaynenelson

    I really need to buy me some pom-poms so I can yell “Go Winchesters!” and back it up with a dance.

  11. Ruud V

    ….Hm, isn’t a PopPom a sort of WW2 anti-aircraft gun?
    How quaint….

  12. Lilia

    I’m not a fan of Supernatural – for some reason never managed to watch it, sorry Jane!, but I totally agree with a show stopping on a higher level. Down the hill? Please, don’t!

    But I have to agree with my man: you’re cute on Supernatural-fan mode. 🙂

  13. Lerxst

    “I really need to buy me some pom-poms so I can yell “Go Winchesters!” and back it up with a dance.”

    That I’d pay to see! 🙂

  14. jaynenelson

    I never said I’d wear a cheerleader costume while I did it.

  15. Lerxst

    That doesn’t matter, though it would have been a bonus. 🙂

  16. Jemma

    Ah, I first discovered Supernatural when it premiered on ITV2. Good times. I assume they’re showing the season straight through? Or are they pausing in time with the American hellatus? I only ask because Australia paused over the Christmas break and seem to have forgotten to bring it back….. Darn Aussies.

    Also, you should post pictures of that guy much more often. M’just saying. ^_^

  17. I L.O.V.E supernatural, I’m jeaulous you got to interview Misha Collins.

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