The World’s Greatest Head Massage And More

You know what it’s like. You’re looking at one thing on YouTube and you click on an intriguing link on one side of the page and before you know it you’ve watched 900 videos and you’re wondering where the hell your evening’s gone.

I am guilty as charged, but I do tend to watch the same videos over and over, and it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps I should share. First up is this one:

…which is simply adorable, but also strangely creepy, although I can’t understand why it’s been watched 1.4 million times. Then there’s this one:

…because the internet is 90% dedicated to cats, after all (of the remainder, 8% is porn and 2% is everything else). I like this video because they’ve edited it really well and it gets better as it goes on… and it’s everything you love about cats in one handy, two-and-a-half-minute burst.

And finally there’s this:

…which is, as it says, the world’s greatest head massage (and note the application of cosmic energy!). I’ve watched this clip a gazillion times, and for many reasons: it’s relaxing, I like the song playing on the radio in the background, I love how crazy the street outside the barber shop sounds, I wonder who the guy is who’s sitting grinning in the chair in the background, the chap doing the massage is awesome and if you watch this video to the song Smack Your Bitch Up by The Prodigy it is the greatest thing ever.

So there you go. Hope you like them. If not, there’ll be a link somewhere on the page that you can click on instead, but don’t blame me if you lose your evening to YouTube.


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5 responses to “The World’s Greatest Head Massage And More

  1. Nilhuanwen

    Thank you, the cat video is quite wonderful! I love the part where he’s running around under the paper bag! 😀

  2. They were funny, though I would get very, VERY nervous if I was in that massage-chair!

    I YouTube mostly in search of musicvideo’s of days long gone, like these germs:

    and fan-produced movies, like these Star Trek

    and Catwoman

    I am sorry that I’m not able to make the link’s work, but with cutting an pasting it should be okay…

  3. …Ah. I just noticd that the links are working.
    Oh, and the video’s should be gems, and not germs of course!

  4. jaynenelson

    The “dum-de-dum-de-dums” in that Sailor song made me laugh!

    Try this, if you’re in a sailor kind of mood…

  5. Your link was fun! Temptation/Message to my girl is y fave from Split Enz though. Goosebumpy good!

    Dum-de-dum-de-dum indeed.
    This was the original version of the song (and one of their first live tv-performances!). Later they released a version that was watered down. Lines like “don’t be afraid, she knows her trade”, and “sailor, is it true waht they say, that you mess with the boys while the girls are away” were changed, for reason or the other…

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