Hello… Goodbye…

Right! I’m back. I’ve been writing, watching stuff, reading stuff, entertaining visitors and wondering why the very expensive moisturiser I just put on my face has turned it blue, but now I’m here and ready to write!

So, I saw Watchmen. At bloody last. I’ve only been waiting since I was 16, so it was a fairly exciting moment, although I still have a sneaky suspicion the forthcoming Star Trek movie will be more of a revelation (I’ve been a fan of Bruce Greenwood since he appeared in this long-forgotten TV series in 1984, so the fact that he’s playing Captain Christopher Pike is pretty momentous if you ask me). (Gratuitous Pike photo below!)


Back to Zack Snyder’s new baby: I’m happy to say that Watchmen was really good – not perfect, by any means, but I think any issues I had with it will be smoothed out by the extra footage on the DVD release. Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach was the best thing about it (seriously, the guy IS Rorschach – it’s creepy at times), closely followed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s take on the Comedian, who is an absolute bastard (as he should be). Poor wig aside, I was very surprised by Matthew Goode as Ozymandias: surely the dullest character in the novel, and given quite short shrift in the movie, but he was strangely compelling. Plus you have to love any film where at one point there are three giant blue penises on screen but you’re still following the plot. Bravo!

They also changed the ending, and I preferred it. That probably entitles me to get lynched by rabid Alan Moore fans, but I don’t care.

I might have loved Watchmen but I’m no longer in love with Heroes. I sat down to watch the latest episode last night and realised halfway through that I had no idea what was going on because I was staring out of my lounge window instead. Okay, so, dull episode. Except that that happened last week, and the week before, and the week before that…

I think Heroes and I are finally calling it quits, and it KILLS me to give up on a show, but when watching it is a chore you have to cut your losses. At least Lost is still going strong in that crazy, time-travelling universe it’s built for itself (you know, the one you can’t follow if you so much as miss one episode), and Medium, Chuck, House, CSI, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Leverage and all the other shows I watch are still keeping me entertained.

I would write something here about Dollhouse, but SFX blogger Narin Bahar did the job for me here – it’s like she read my mind. I’m giving the show a few more episodes because I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON IT, DAMMIT, but I keep finding myself staring out of my lounge window like I did with Heroes. There are squirrels out there who have far more personality than Eliza Dushku’s Echo, even though she has a different personality every week. And that’s bloody worrying…



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15 responses to “Hello… Goodbye…

  1. Legmen was the lead in for Riptide, wasn;t it? 😉
    And I quit watching Heroes months ago. It’s just shit. Self indulgent shit from writers who need to go back to daytime television.

  2. jaynenelson

    It was! It was! Not that I got to see that combo, being in the UK in the dark ages before the internet. I used to watch Legmen at 1am on local Devon TV station TSW, and once it was over they started showing Riptide, so they must have bought them as a package. Never quite got into Riptide, though, although it had ace theme music I can still happily sing along to today…

  3. lizwc

    I’m puzzled. I’m just a terrestrial viewer so I’ve only seen the first 2 episodes of Heroes vol 4 and they’ve been absolutely compelling (IMO – other opinions are also valid)… when does it all go downhill again?

  4. jaynenelson

    I loved the first episode… and then they start going downhill. It doesn’t take long.

    Then again, just because I’m bored doesn’t mean you will be! Like you said, all other opinions are valid!

  5. Lerxst

    Hell, when it comes to being lynched by the Moore diehards, I like V for Vendetta, and I practically cheered when I heard they were getting rid of the squid. But anyway, overall that sounds promising. Now I’m just bouncing up and down with frustration how that Watchmen isn’t opening at my local cinema this week.

    As for Dollhouse, hmm, the really worrying thing is the number of comments in that SFX link using the word ‘boredom’. Still, I was sold on giving it a damn good chance by the para on the first ten minutes of episode one…Eliza.. leather…shower…Sarah Palin…. Heck, Jayne, I’ll enjoy Eliza while you obsess about blue penises 🙂

  6. Katerina

    I watched the first 3 episodes; so far so meh. I’m left to wonder where all the Whedon magic has got to… 😦

  7. Crishna

    Re Dollhouse – I too find it boring, cliched, poorly written and DULL DULL DULL. I really didn’t expect that. Considering that I watch (and care about) all sorts of crap tv programmes, I’m really shocked at myself. Yet I am persevering. Without much hope.

  8. Our problem is not being without a cinema. Though the city of Schiedam is lacking one, Rotterdam is around the corner, so plenty of opportunities there. But finding the time! Watchmen opened today in the Netherlands, but we will only be able to see it on the 17th, because of work, babysit etc…

    Though I do like the graphic novel (we have it both in Dutch ánd English), it was never high on my top fave’s list. Pobable because it is so dark and doomy. So I can wait.

    Because of the fact that Lília works in an Englsih bookshop, we had the opportunity to have some of the books about the movie at home to browse through, and I have to say that the level of detail I saw in the photo’s is incredible! A lot of stuff will only appear in the background, but they really did their homework about all the little detail….

    Considering the new Trek-movie, I am both curious ánd restrained. I know that iconic roles can be succesfully re-cast. See the Doctor, BondJamesBond, or Tarzan, but still…….

    I am postponing new series. Time is scarce, and if I am going to watch new series, where will I find the time to re-watch the old ones on DVD? Hmmmmm, Eliza Dushku, or series 5 of The Onedin Line? Choice’s choice’s……

  9. lizwc

    “Hmmmmm, Eliza Dushku, or series 5 of The Onedin Line? Choice’s choice’s……”

    Honestly that is not a sentence I ever imagined I would see.
    Nothing wrong with those choices, just my brain is boggling…

    On the Onedin Line I wish I could remember whether I liked it or not. So many random snatches of it is stuck in my memory, but very few of them link to each other narratively.

  10. Lerxst

    Saturday Morning Watchmen


  11. Seen this?

    Also, re Chris Pike: Who knew my fave teen horror author had a sideline in serving the Federation…


  12. Lerxst

    My,, someone really didn’t like Watchmen, did they? 🙂

    Personally, having made the effort to go the extra mile to see it, I loved it.

    I can understand the particular praise that Jackie Earle Haley and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have been getting, as both do nail the characters brilliantly. However, I also think Patrick Wilson does a great job with Dan Dreiberg, a character who could eaasily come across as a bit whiney, and making him genuinely sympathetic.

    If there was one thing that felt out of place, it was Bubastis – now no longer particularly relevant to the ending. I’m sure non-fans must be sat there going “er, why’s a giant hairy-eared cat appeared’?


    Still sad at the end. I remember the first time I read the book, just sitting there staring at a certain death in disbelief – one of the few genuinely jaw dropping moments I’ve come across in either film or literature.

  13. Well, we finally saw Watchmen as well, and since we did our best not to expect too much, we were quite pleased with the finished result. It was better than I feared. Of course I expect many deleted scenes on the DVD, but there was a lot of graphic novel to cram in 150 minutes. Good thing though, that since I like the original NiteOwl, I won;t have to be annoyed about his fate in the book.
    And the Silk Spectre had high heels! Yay! Too bad her stuntdouvble didn’t though…..

    And I’d like to clear something up. It’s not that watching Victorian sailors is more appealing than watching Eliza Dushku, but I have a special thing for the Onedin Line (has to di with my father). But apart from unwashed sailors,l don’t forget Onedin Line’s Jessica Benton or Jane Seymoore!

  14. shannon smith

    I have been a big fan of Bruce Greenwood as long as I can remeber and I think that this film will be a good role for him so good that the new Star Trek movie might win all oscars next year cause it looks so good.

  15. jaynenelson

    Bruce is really, really good in the movie! Not sure it’s Oscar-worthy (sci-fi films so rarely are… well, they are but the Academy never agrees) but it’s still great stuff!

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