Yes! Yes! Yes! And… huh?

Supernatural has been renewed for a fifth season!


I still remember that long gap between seasons one and two, with nobody knowing if it would ever return… and now look at it! FIVE FREAKIN’ YEARS!

However, in other news: Smallville. Season nine.

How the hell did that happen?


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3 responses to “Yes! Yes! Yes! And… huh?

  1. Katerina

    Smallville: Why wont it die ????

  2. Lerxst

    Yeah but did you get to the Watchmen premiere…? 🙂

    I’ve read early reviews and I’m practically bursting with excitement!!

  3. nina

    looooooooove supernatural
    but i gotta say i’m kinda tired of smallville… :S
    another season… that’s just perfect

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