Hats off to her (in a very literal sense, too)

I’m not really one to comment on celebrity culture. And hell, there have been more than enough column inches devoted to Jade Goody’s nuptials – taking place today – that I can’t really add anything else to the reactions that seem to have hit the headlines around the world (the most interesting of which can be found here at Time.com, of all places, although it’s interesting just as much for its view of Britain as it is of Goody herself).

However, I do want to say one thing here: apparently Jade decided to dispense with wearing a veil with her wedding dress because she didn’t want to hide her head, which is bald from her chemotherapy treatments.

Say what you like about Jade Goody, I have to observe that that’s a wonderful gesture of support to every other cancer sufferer going through what she’s going through. For that, I wish her the very best in her remaining time on this planet.

And seriously, people: you might not like somebody, but show a little compassion when they’re in pain. It’s the human thing to do.


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One response to “Hats off to her (in a very literal sense, too)

  1. Lerxst

    Without getting into the issue of the woman herself, for my money, that Time article misses the mark by some distance.

    The one thing all of this reveals about ‘Englishness’ and the ‘British Public’ is that a chunk of the people of this country are just as fond of freak shows as their ancestors were (and even so, I still reckon that chunk is a small minority, when you think of the limited viewing figures of Big Brother or the dwindling sales of newspapers & magazines).

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