I’ve got chills… they’re multiplying

I just watched a rather wonderful little film called Before The Rains so that I could review it for DVD & Blu-ray Review this month. About halfway through I realised it was reminding me of another wonderful little film, Enchanted April, which I watched on TV many, many years ago and have never seen since.

They’ve not really got much in common except for beautiful scenery (India and Italy, respectively), excellent casts and languid pacing, but there was enough of a parallel for me to decide to investigate whether Enchanted April is out on DVD yet.

I’ve looked several times over the last few years, always hopeful, but Enchanted April was only ever available on VHS. I was even considering asking DVD & Blu-ray Review to mention it in their “Please Release Me” section, except that I never got round to requesting it.

But I don’t have to now, because to my ABSOLUTE AMAZEMENT, Enchanted April is released on Monday.

Years. Years, I’ve been waiting for this release. And I find out three days before it’s finally in the shops simply because I watched a film that was vaguely similar.

I’ve got chills. I kid you not. It’s… a sign, or something. What’re the odds?



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4 responses to “I’ve got chills… they’re multiplying

  1. Derek Landy

    Something similar happened to me once, except in a totally different way. Now THAT’S spooky.

  2. Lerxst

    But it is a great feeling when you finally track down a film like that (provided it lives up to the memory). Not in any way spooky, but I recently discovered that ‘Last Night’ was finally out on DVD – great little Canadian film about how people spend their last evening before the end of the world that I’ve been trying to track down since seeing it in 1999.

    There have been “rare” copies kicking around on Amazon for years at around £100, but at last it’s got a proper release – and having bought it, I discovered that one of the supporting cast is Callum Keith Rennie….

  3. Same here. A few years ago I was reading Charlton Heston’s biography, when I was reminded of The Omega Man, a film that is special to me. So when I tried to see if it was available on DVD, I found out it was released here that same week!

  4. lizwc

    Does random googling a favourite actor (just cos I was bored) and finding out that he’s in a play in London the same week I’m in London on a training course count? (which I found out in an online article from the Manchester Evening News?!) Either way I was very happy as I booked the ticket!! 🙂

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