Dollhouse Debuts

I liked it. Sort of. It was a tad slow and a little talky and a bit “What the hell?”, but when you’re sitting through a show’s credits and the names “Steven S DeKnight”, “Tim Minear” and “Joss Whedon” pop up, you know you’re in good hands.

It may take a while to warm up – and hey, we’ve all heard how that pilot episode was tinkered with until the tinker cussed – but that doesn’t mean it won’t find its feet very soon. And the ratings weren’t a complete disaster, though they could’ve been better, so… I’m cautiously optimistic.

I think Eliza Dushku has the most unenviable job on television, though: how to make a character who has a complete personality overhaul every single week somebody we can connect with. Jesus, how do you even write for a lead like that?

Oh, and in other news – and it really pains me to say this – I’ve given up on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I feel as though I’m not so much kicking a puppy as I am shoving it into a sack and throwing it into a canal, but damn, that puppy was driving me nuts.



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10 responses to “Dollhouse Debuts

  1. …I think I’ll wait for the entire series to come out on DVD (all 13 episdes), while I’ll await the movie. I am cirious because of Whedon, though Dushku never really did it for me.
    Too bad they didn’t situate the series in the seventies. It could lead to a lot of roller-disco undercover jobs in Farrah hair….

  2. Lerxst

    “Dushku never really did it for me”

    Leaves her all the more time to devote to those of us who like our girls bad… 🙂

    (ok..maybe I’m blurring the Faith/Eliza lines there)

  3. Hokay, that made me look a bit like dead between my knees and bellybutton, but the Faith character, nor Dushku’s looks really didn’t made a big impression on me. If I would go for any girl in the Whedonverse, it would be either Morena Baccarin or Jewel Staithe. The sweet, nice girls….
    And Cordelia.
    In heels!

  4. Lerxst

    Ah can’t disagree on CC, and then there’s a certain cute little redhead wiccan. But I’ve always liked the goth/rock look plus a bit of attitude, which is where the Faith character appeals. As for Eliza herself, she’s just a stunner.

    (I could youtube a clip of a particular scene from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back sending up Charlie’s Angels, but I doubt Jayne would appreciate that – it would probably be pushing the testosterone levels too high!)

  5. jaynenelson

    Testosterone away. It’s not like this blog is entirely estrogen-free for you guys. Might as well redress the balance!

  6. Lerxst

    “It’s not like this blog is entirely estrogen-free”

    Yeah, but it is YOUR blog! We are merely guests. 🙂

  7. Well, as long as we have Jayne’s blessing, of all the Angels, Kate Jackson was always my favourite.
    With a little bit of Jaqueline Smith on the side.
    If I was forced to accept the movies as being Charlie’s Angels as well, Cameron Diaz is the only one for me…

  8. Lerxst

    Curiously the original series largely passed me by. I was aware of it from repeats, but never really saw what the fuss was about, either in terms of the show or the “Angels”.

    As for the movies, I only saw the first one, and again couldn’t get as worked up as some over the film itself – I didn’t find it that hilarious. However, it wasn’t a complete waste – Cameron Diaz is a star, and ever since The Wedding Singer, I have had a soft spot for Drew Barrymore.

  9. Lerxst

    PS – on a different note, I hope this gets a proper national release:

    Looks promising 🙂

  10. …Well, I was fourteen when the series appeared on Dutch television, so with stirring hormones I was interested in seeing attractive babes going undercover as models, waitresses, rollerdisco-skaters and flightattendants. But the novelty wore off quickly, and apart from Sheryl Ladd I have no idea who the replecement-angels were….

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