25 Random Things

This is one of those internet meme things that do the rounds from time to time; this one’s currently being tagged all over Facebook. However, I thought I’d post it here too, just for the hell of it. I’m in a sharing kinda mood…

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

So, here goes:

1) I have a rock from the Grand Canyon sitting on the window ledge in my bathroom, beside a piece of pottery from the floor of Clark Kent’s barn. I didn’t go to the Grand Canyon to find that rock, but I did go to Smallville to find that pottery.

2) I came within inches of being decapitated by a milk float in 1995. What a ridiculous way to die that would have been. Thank God I ducked!

3) My grandfather was a Russian Cossack.

4) A long-distant relative on my mother’s side was one of the witches hung at Pendle Hill in Lancashire. (Allegedly. According to our family genealogy, another ancestor used to be a court jester. I’m not sure if I believe either.)

5) When I’m on my deathbed and I think back to the happiest day of my life, there will be so many of them to revisit that I think I will be on my deathbed for quite a while.

6) I’ve had a very, very charmed life and I bloody know it.

7) Musician Neil Finn once named a stomp rocket after me: “I christen this one HMS Jayne!” I’m quietly proud.

8 ) I have many sekrit identities on the internet and only two people on Facebook are aware of them. Shhh, guys.

9) I was once propositioned by an American cop named Thomas C Taylor Jr who wouldn’t let me handle his weapon, even though the safety was on. That was the first gun I ever saw in real life.

10) The second gun I ever saw in real life was pointed at me by a policeman outside the Houses of Parliament about 45 mins after the London bombings on 7 July 2005. This time the cop said, “Get the fuck away from here!”

11) The first crush I ever had was on the Prince from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty when I was around six years old.

12) The second crush I ever had was on Parker Stevenson in The Hardy Boys about a year later.

13) A total stranger walked up to me once and said, “You have Kirstie Alley’s eyes!” Parker Stevenson was married to Kirstie Alley at the time.

14) I know that the Latin name for a kakapo is Strigops habroptila and that the oldest living kakapo parrot is named Richard Henry.

15) Davy Jones from The Monkees once told my mother to fuck off.

16) I believe in ghosts – up to a point – and have seen several over the years, but every single one of them has been an animal of some kind. The most nightmarish place I know on the planet is the house my aunty and uncle used to live in when I was growing up: so haunted it was once investigated by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Nobody told me this when I was a kid, probably to spare me nightmares, but I had them anyway, and to this day I still get cold sweats when I think about the place. It’s also one of the many reasons I have an irrational/rational hatred of Birmingham.

17) My biggest pet peeve in the world? People spelling actor Sam Neill’s name as Sam Neil. Although these days I’m also getting rather annoyed with people being unable to spell ‘Keira Knightley’ or ‘Jared Padalecki’ on a regular basis. (So they’re odd names – just look them up if you’re not sure, don’t guess!)

18 ) I will cry tears of joy whenever I see a baby meerkat. FACT.

19) I am fascinated by TE Lawrence, Sir Ernest Shackleton and Horatio Nelson, although I didn’t change my surname from Dearsley to Nelson in the latter’s honour; I did that because I found out on a census form from 1901 that my great-great grandfather was a Nelson.

20) I have been to Smallville, Caprica, Tollana, the Waffle Haus from Dead Like Me, the Daily Planet, Atlantis (Stargate version), Charles Xavier’s Academy for Mutants and Spook Central from Ghostbusters… but I’ve never been to me.

21) Ghostbusters was the first film I ever saw twice at the cinema, and for the entirety of the second viewing I was convinced my mother was going to kill me for spending good money on the same film twice (we were pretty hard up back then). I went home expecting a smack and instead she just went, “Would you do the washing up?” All that cold sweating for nothing…

22) I grew up without a telephone or a record player. Until I was 18 I was terrified of phones as a result (so noisy!), and I never listened to music until I was 14, at which point I discovered The Beatles. Thank God it was them and not Showaddywaddy, which was the other cassette tape given to me by a friend who couldn’t believe I’d never listened to music.

23) This is old news to some people reading this, but I became a journalist after bumping into members of SFX at a Buffy convention in May 2000 and discovering there was a vacancy on the magazine. I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING SFX FOR GIVING ME MY BIG BREAK. (Luckily, nobody from SFX ever saw me dressed up as Magenta from The Rocky Horror Show at the same convention…)

24) I am, and probably always will be, proudly single, although I’m happy to have my mind changed. I just don’t think it’s likely. And no, contrary to some people’s opinions, the fact that I never go out with anybody does NOT mean that I’m gay. If I was, I’d bloody tell you. Stop thinking I’d be *ashamed* of it. Sheesh.

25) And finally… George Clooney once gave me a sweetie. If there’s one man on this planet I would definitely marry, it’s him.



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22 responses to “25 Random Things

  1. Lerxst

    Curiously Jayne, I HAVE been to the Grand Canyon, but I don’t have a piece of rock from it. My bigger priority on that holiday was obtaining a beer mat from The Hog’s Breath Inn in Carmel. Unfortunately Clint wasn’t around the day I was there. Ahem.

    However, I do still have several Showaddywaddy LPs from the 1970s. And confession time, I’ve even seen them live – though it was one of those 70s gigs at Wembley and the real reason I went was Suzi Q. These days I find it’s best not to mention that Gary Glitter was the headline act…..

    And in other (stretched & tenuous) links to your post…

    Bladerunner:TDC was the first (and only film) I’ve seen 6 times at the cinema. Starship Troopers is #2 at 5 times.

    I was one of a group of three people called ‘fucking morons’ by Nigel Havers because we wouldn’t unlock an emergency fire exit to let him into a pub, and save him the walk to the proper entrance (we weren’t staff).

    Moorhouses’ Pendle Witches Brew is one of my favourite pints when I’m back up north.

    I hope I don’t end up on a deathbed, but just go quickly & unknowingly with a bang. Though not the bang of a milkfloat. 🙂

    Oh, and for what it’s worth, as another happy straight, but single, individual (in my case, because I’m just too selfish and set in my ways to share), the thought that you might be gay never crossed my mind.

  2. don

    Just out of interest, did that Buffy con happen to take place at the Radisson, Heathrow?

  3. jaynenelson

    Uh, yes. It was Nocturnal 2K. (I went to the one the year after, too.)

    Please don’t have any incriminating photos of me, Don…


  4. don

    That was my first Buffy con! I went with my sister and her best mate and my son, who was three months old at the time; no incriminating pics of you but a random photographer at one of the parties asked if he could take a photo of the four of us – a blonde, a brunette and a redhead and a small baby dressed as Tigger, we looked like the Witches of Eastwick with some weird little sproglet sidekick. He actually sent us the picture too and it’s on my wall beside me as I type. Small world alright!

    Incidentally, having a small baby was really useful for getting bumped up the queues and Tony Head cooed at him. I didn’t tell anyone his name was Xander ‘cos I would have looked just too sad for words…..

  5. Lizwc

    Random connections time: I never heard pop music unless the act was on Blue Peter till I was 14 and got some work experience at a hospital radio station
    Random Connection Two: I used to work at the university built on the site of the hanging (or possibly the imprisoning?) of the Pendle Witches…never saw any ghosts there so can’t say I
    bumped into your ancestor…

  6. That was interesting. Okay. My list here as well. It could be interesting to see if regular commenters will do this too. It could give us some insights into what makes us tick perhaps?
    I will try to keep it short, and in no particular order:

    1) The farthest I travelled was to Vancouver Island, and to the Iguaçu waterfalls (where Paraguay, Brasil and Argentina meet), though the longest I travelled was the three day drive with some friends in a rented VW-Combi from the Netherlands to Kiev (and back, two weeks later)

    2) My first real (media-related) crush was on actress Elisabeth Sladen, who I still like a lot, and Scotish singer Sally Carr.

    3) Hidden at the back of my CD collection, you will find dusty copies of CD’s by the Dolly Dots (and one by Celine Dion)
    In my vinyl-collection, Olivia Newton-John dominates the hidden section.

    4) I don’t think that Crimetraveller was as bad as SFX says it was, and one of my favourite Doctors was Sylvester McCoy (I especially liked the direction this last series went+).
    I also think it’s unfair to compare the current series too much with the classic series.

    5) This may be sacrilige, but for me, Pierce Brosnan will probable always be the ultimate Bond, James Bond (while Roger Moore will always be Lord Brett Sinclair).

    6) My education was not very high, and much of my English was through watching television and reading English books about movies and sci fi. It may not be very good, I am wáááy past the point that I feel bad about it, instead being happy that I am able to communicate in it up to a reasonable level…

    7) I have the bad-ish habit of writing sentences that are overlong, using more comma’s than I should.

    8) I don’t have any interesting anectdotes with famous (non-Dutch) people, though Dutch singer-songwriter Fay Lovsky gave me a nice backstage tour, and I also played squeeing balloon and rattling matchbox on a song-recording of the Nits-album TING.
    I also walked the decks of the ship that played the part of the Charlotte Rhodes in the Onedin Line tv series. It was moored in my hometown while they were shooting the remake of Nosferatu….

    9) I like women who know how to wear high heels in an elegant way.
    (this is by the way totally harmless…)

    10) Your gender-preference will never be an issue for me, and since I read many of your comments in SFX and on the net, and having had the pleasure of meeting you – we even walked past Nelson’s actual column – I am quite sure that you like men, the toplesser and floppy hairier, the better.
    Interestingly enough, when I was living on my own, I heard via-via-via that I was the gay young man from number 47, eventhough I am quite hetero. It turned out it was because they never saw single women at my place.
    But it wouldn’t have made any difference whatsoever if you used to be called “Bob” before an operation, or had a strong urge to fondle Willow’s milkglands….
    But why do we never see pictures of you in heels or skirts eh? It’s proven: you must be lesbian!

    11) If we ever win a lot of money in the lottery, we will probable buy a modest apartment in London, a city I really love very much and try to visit at least once a year

    12) I really enjoy travelling by boat, and love trips on the ferries that travell to the UK (Hoek van Holland-Harwich run as favourite).
    I was a sea cadet for fifteen years, and after a ten year pause, a seacadet board member for seven.
    I also had the honor of helping my cousin to restore his steam boat that was built in 1915.
    It is a coastal towboat (tug?), and is still in excellent shape and quite active.

    13) The worst day in my life was when my mother died.
    The happiest were when our daughter was born, and our wedding day.
    Maybe not very original, but very true.

    14) I ended up at the Rotterdam Graphical College because I wanted to become a comicbook-artist, only to discover there that I had no talent whatsoever. Then I wanted to join the Royal Dutch Navy (sea cadet-influence?), but instead became an offset-printer.
    I still am, at the controlls of a modest Heidelberg Speedmaster 52-2.

    15) I really like Navy ships. In shipdesign, I really admire the British Leander-class frigate, and the Australian Freemantle-class patrol vessel.
    From the Netherlands, I have a fondness for the van Amstel-class minesweepers from the 1930’s.
    I also hope to visit an aircraft carrier (and remember it!) before I die.

    16) The first movie I saw without a parent, was Dokter Who en de spookplaneet.
    The first time I saw a movie in the cinema for a second time, was Ill mio nome e’ nessuno (and they say that Italian cinema is unaccessible…). The Abbys and Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger I saw three times on the big screen.
    The only time I saw a film in the cinema that was too scary to watch at times, was Disney’s Snowwhite, when the evil stepmother turned into the old hag.
    Mind you, I was five at the time…

    17) I like comic books, but prefer the ones from mainland Europe (France, Belgium and the Netherlands). I am not really into any of the MARVEL-titles, though I do enjoy quite a few DC publications. I have quite a lot of Batman comics and trade paperbacks. I am also into Birds of Prey, Supergirl, Batgirl and (90’s) Catwoman, of course because of the strong women’s roles they offer, and the feministic equality they show.
    Not, as my wife thinks, because they are about big breasted women in tight outfits (high heels optional)….

    18) The national drinks in my country are coffee, beer (Heineken) and a distilled spirit called jenever (my hometown has a worldreputation for this).
    Our national sports are speedskating and football.
    I don’t like any of the above, but I really am Dutch born and bred…..

    19) The first pop album I ever bought was the debut-album Sailor (1974), by the British band of the same name. I still am quite enjoying their music, and this album specifically.
    It was also the first pop album I bought on CD…
    (Erm, and em, they probable toured the same clubs and podia as Showaddywaddy?)

    20) Being a cultural Neanderthal, I don’t really read high-brow literature, preferring instead thrillers, (“feminist”) mysteries and science fiction.
    The books I’ve read at least ten times (and counting) are Michael Green’s the art of coarse sailing, AJ Quinnell’s Man on fire, Thea Beckman’s Kruistocht in spijkerbroek (crusade in jeans), and John Christopher’s Tripod-trilogy. And some book about Galactic Hichhiking.
    The first non-children’s (or young teens) book I ever read was Alistair MacLean’s the Satan Bug.

    21) ) The comic book character I probable identify the most with, is Calvin’s dad, for his views on camping, modern technology, the fast life, character-building, bicycles, and raising a young child that often surprises, and not always in the good sense…

    22) I don’t think much about my death, but hope it will be fast and painless, far away in the future (possible involving women in stiletto’s) so I can see Jasmijn grow up.

    23) One of the biggest lies someone ever told me was shortly before Jasmijn was born:
    “Your own baby’s poo doesn’t stink…”
    But in the end I knew what she meant …..

    24) I almost never play games because I am a quite bad-ish loser.

    25) At the age you are now, I had been living alone for twelve years already, but wasn’t lonely. I didn’t see myself in a real successful relationship (because of being the person I was/am, and past experiences), and expected to remain single for the rest of my life.
    My then still penfriend Lília in Brasil and I noticed that after a few meetings that there was this…..tension-thing between us that needed to be explored.
    We are in our sixth year of marriage, and have a wonderful daughter that just turned four.
    So you’ll never know……

  7. Lerxst

    I’m currently making my way through the Birds of Prey TV series, Ruud. Ok, it’s not exactly Buffy, but I’m enjoying it in a switch-your-brain-off kind of way. Then again, the reason I bought it, unseen, might have had something to do with Dina Meyer…. 🙂

    Oh, and just for you, as I can’t believe Showaddywaddy made it to the Netherlands(!):

    Just a sec… floppy hair…hint of bare chest… are you sure you didn’t pick the Showaddywaddy tape, Jayne?

    (Before I give completely the wrong impression, I did move on to the New Romantics & Rockabilly, then Indie, Prog & Metal in the 80s. Hell, I’ll listen to any old crap :-))

  8. Hi Lerxst

    Haven’t swwn thw BOP series yet, but am curious (eventhough it took some liberties with the comicbook).

    ANd Showwaddywaddy did have some hits in the Netherlands (under the moon of love). In the late seventies (around the time Grease came out) there was a short revival of ’60 rock and roll/doowop style music. Showaddywaddy and the Darts were the biggest hits from the UK.

    But I think you should YouTube some clips from Sailor (especially the clips with their first performances from ’74 and ’75. Still in navy uniforms. try let’s go to town, sailor, and traffic jam….)

  9. Ms Nelson, can you please email me the Ghostbuster places in NY? I want to have a day of film set geekery…

    Also, if you *were* gay, I’d totally fancy you 😉

  10. Jenni

    I’m so glad someone else liked Crime Traveller cos I loved it and was gutted when it ended. Plus Pierce Brosnan was my ultimate Bond (I have loved him since Remington Steele which is now shown on Zone Thriller on Sky – Tom Baker guest starred as a baddie in the last ep I watched!!) but I have to say Daniel Craig really does it for me!!! I love a man who can smash his way through plasterboard.

    Oh and Jayne, all I get asked now 6 months into marriage is “When are you two having kids?” There’s always something – you have to conform – I’m just gonna be a mad old cat lady! 😉

  11. Hi Jenni! I don’t dislike Craigh as Bond either, but I think the producers went a bit too far in re0inventing Bond, up to a point that I don’t always have the feeling that I am watching A Bond Movie…

    And I have to confess that part of me liking CrimeTraveller also has a bit to do with Chloe Annet in a short-ish skirt and boots….

    By the way, Lília and I were never asked after marriage when we were going to have kids, because nobody was expecting it anymore at our age!

  12. Lerxst

    Don’t know about Crime Traveller but I have fond memories of the now largely forgotten BBC series, Virtual Murder, which may in part be down to Kim Thomson and similar reasons to Ruud’s liking for Chloe Annet…..

    As for Bond… truth is I fell asleep during Casino Royale. Nothing against Daniel Craig, but the reboot hasn’t really done anything for me. That said, I’m not amongst those bemoaning the loss of the old formula – the last previous Bond I’d seen at the cinema was Moonraker and I’d grown pretty weary of the franchise. (Though I will say that while Connery may be my number one Bond, Timothy Dalton’s is sadly underrate. 🙂 )

  13. I totally agree on the Dalton front! I have all the Bonds after Roger Moore on DVD, and quite like the ones with Dalton, Living Daylights being my fave. I liked the direction the franchise was then going. For unclear reasons, Tomorrow Never Dies is my fave Bond…..

    (I suddenly have this weird feeling that I have overtaken Jayne’s blog…)

  14. Lerxst

    Actually, one slight correction as I realise I told a lie, my favourite Bond is actually David Niven. 🙂 But then he’s one of those actors, along with Bogart, who I’d happily watch in pretty much anything.

  15. Dawn T

    Oh you guys are so right, Dalton is criminally under-rated as Bond. I thought he was great. Shame he only got to do it twice.

  16. Lerxst

    Timothy Dalton was also in a film I’ve only seen once, but have been trying to track down on DVD ever since: Hawks – a tale of two terminally ill cancer patients who steal an ambulance and head for Amsterdam with the aim of having one last blast. I thought it was a glorious film, but so far it seems to have disappeared into the void.

  17. He was also brilliant in Hot Fuzz, and I think he had a lot of fun shooting that one.
    Which is weird, because my only “complaint” about his Bond was that he was a bit too serious. Brosnan balanced it better, I think…

  18. Lizwc

    Dalton was my favourite Bond too!! I love that this is turning into a safe house for Dalton fans.
    I had a long period of “when are you having kids?” after I got married but the one that really baffles me, given that we’re both in our 30s now and have been married over 10 years is that we still get asked every year “Are you going home for Christmas?” – why these people haven’t grasped the concept that where we live is “home”, not our parent’s houses is completely beyond me… is it cos we don’t have kids?

  19. Lizwc

    Actually Dalton was pretty fun in Flash Gordon too

  20. Lerxst

    Indeed – unfortunately good as he was, he was always going to be overshadowed by Brian “DIVE!!!” Blessed 😀

    Oh, and ‘home’… I don’t know. I talk about where I live now as ‘home’, but if I’m heading up to Preston, I still tend to talk of ‘going home’, despite the fact I haven’t lived there in 23 years – I haven’t lived in Lancashire for 14 years – and I have no family left there.

  21. Lizwc

    You’re from Lancashire? I lived in Lancaster for 8 years and I bloody loved it!!!

  22. Lerxst

    Yep, Lancastrian born and bred, though I now live smack bang on the Bedfordshire-Northamptonshire-Cambridgeshire border…. and work in London.

    I only ever passed through Lancaster, usually before heading into the northern part of the Forest of Bowland, but always seemed a decent enough place.

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