TV Wonderland

I’ve spent the last few days catching up on TV shows I didn’t manage to see when they first aired.

I’ve already mentioned Merlin; I’m on episode six and I’m still loving it. It’s so sweet and silly and well-cast, from Merlin himself to Tony Head’s bastard-ish Uther to Angel Coulby’s adorable Gwen, and to my surprise I’m totally shipping her and Merlin, which is so soppy and amazingly unlike me I keep looking for the alien pod under my sofa.

Today, however, I decided to watch the first episode of a show named Leverage which I’ve been hearing a lot about… and now I know why. It’s fabulous!


I’ve only seen one episode so far, true, but it’s already clear what the format is: a fun, frenzied Ocean’s 11-style caper every week from a group of experts who are rather like a modern-day A-Team, standing up for the little guy in the face of corporate America. Timothy Hutton is their leader and Gina Bellman is his wingman… er, woman, and the moment she called Hutton a “wanker” I knew the show was gonna be awesome (you can’t go wrong with a nice bit of British swearing in a US programme). And then, to top that off, somebody asked someone with a broken computer “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” and my heart just melted.

It also helps that Aldis Hodge is one of the stars – so far I’ve seen that guy stab Sam Winchester in the back on Supernatural, as well as having the merits of tea explained to him in an advert with Stephen Fry, so it’s kind of surreal seeing him in his own show.

And, yeah, cos I’m shallow, here’s a picture of Christian Kane and his Floppy Hair of Awesome (TM) to fill in the other big reason I love Leverage:


Incidentally, if you go to TNT’s official website, you can stream episodes live on your computer. At least, I think you can; they won’t play on my MacBook, but they may play on a PC. If anybody fancies trying, please let me know if you succeed – this may bear some relevance to a column I’ve just written for SFX

(Oh, and the page where you can watch the episodes has a giant button at the top that says: “BOSS COMING? DRAMATIC PAUSE”. TNT, I love you so much for that.)

I go back to work next week and I’m already dreading not being able to keep up with not only my new shows but also all my regulars. On Tuesdays alone I have Medium, House, 24, Heroes and Chuck to get though. Not that I’m complaining, mind!

Truly, we are in a TV renaissance. Life is good. Particularly when it contains Floppy Hair of Awesome (TM).



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5 responses to “TV Wonderland

  1. Dawn T

    Hey Jayne, I just tried the link on my PC and the videos won’t play. The Boss coming? button does work, however. LOL.

  2. jaynenelson

    Aha! Thanks for checking into it for me. Must be a US-only link, then.

    Gotta love that Boss button! I’m sure we could all do with that in our general office lives…

  3. Sue T.

    Keep watching “Leverage” — it is one of the best new shows on US TV this year. Another good show is “Burn Notice” – Jeffrey Donovan is to die for! BN is on the USA Network and it does have the episodes on the website although not sure it will work outside the US. Enjoy!

  4. jaynenelson

    I have episode one of Burn Notice ready to watch now, so thank you for the recommendation, Sue!

  5. Anita

    I totally agree with your regarding the Floppy Hair of Awesome. Isn’t it totally hot on Christian? Makes a person want to run their fingers through it! And he’s such a badass as Eliot.

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