It’s snowing. A lot. So much so, in fact, that I went for a stroll along the river into Richmond, only to discover that 99% of the shops in the town were shut and there were no buses to take me home again, and it was blizzarding by the time I wanted to leave and so I had to get a taxi. Hmph.

Anyway, here are some photos…


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4 responses to “Whiteout!

  1. Aww it’s so pretty! We even had some of that up here in windy Preston. It’s unusual, because it usually turns to mush pretty instantly, but it stuck around for a while today. I think it lifted the spirits of all the folks round here who can’t pay their heating bills…

  2. Lerxst

    I had the day off but I was supposed to be coming into London all the same, in the hope of getting some photos at the BBC Folk Awards Pre-Show at Foyles. A quick look at the travel news persuaded me to stay at home, and I’m glad I did – the show was cancelled anyway.

    As it is, it’s been snowing all afternoon and the snow on my windowsil appears to be approaching two inches deep now, so tomorrow could be fun. Sod work… time to get the camera out again! πŸ™‚

  3. Well, it snowed here in the NL as well… sort of. But the temp. wasn’t low enough and it turned to mush before even landing on the street. Too bad. I love snow. When I’m not caved in, of course!

    About two weeks ago we had one of the most esquisite weekends ever (since I’m here, that is) with no snow but loads of ice. We even took our daughter to skate on the pond nearby. It was great fun! And since we just went for a walk around the block (like 2 km), we didn’t have to take a bus. Or a taxi for that matter. πŸ˜‰

    Hoping you’re still having a great time with all the whiteness around you!

    LΓ­lia V.

  4. Lerxst

    Of course, the other problem with snow is it’s harder to spot the polar bear sneaking up on you……:


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