Lord Help Me!

I just watched the first episode of the BBC’s Merlin.

I don’t really do British TV – with a few exceptions – and I really don’t do cheesy Saturday teatime tales for kids with bad CGI and low budgets (yes, Robin Hood, I’m looking at you). But this?

I really enjoyed it!

Either my quality threshold is buggered or Colin Morgan as Merlin is so likeable that I just don’t care. Seriously, he’s hilarious!

I’m about to watch episode two. After that I’m having a lie-down. This is… really rather staggering. I may never recover. I mean, really? Merlin?





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23 responses to “Lord Help Me!

  1. Lerxst

    Never really took to Hood or Merlin.

    What puzzles me more though is how I end up watching ‘Demons’ every week….

  2. I quite enjoyed it, in a Saturday tea-time, switch the brain off kind of way. A couple of the episodes are a bit duff but Anthony Head is always good value for money in the hamming it up stakes.

  3. I haven;t watched either but I do enjoy a lot of British Television, and am a bit surprised why you don’t, to be honest.
    I love SPOOKS, and am an avid follower of Waking the Dead and Wire in the blood. And more!
    I am surprised by the way that SFX has been ignoring Apparitions, or Survivors, but I guess that I should ask them, and not you. Though….you still have contacts there, right?

  4. Lerxst

    Fair comment Neil. Anything with Tony Head can’t be all bad.

    Still, maybe Jayne’s got a point on British TV. Off the top of my head I’d say that, bar occasional Who episodes, the last truly outstanding bit of British terrestrial sci-fi/fantasy was Ultraviolet. And that was 10 years ago. 😦

  5. Runalong

    It gets better after a few epsiodes and ASH is a key part of that – very Smallvilee in some ways

  6. Dawn T

    Merlin has had a really wide appeal – I really enjoyed it, much more so than Robin Hood. Yes, it’s cheesy in part, but it’s just a jolly good sword & sorcery romp. And just wait till you get to the episode called ‘Lancelot’! 😉 Anyone watching Being Human?

  7. Lizwc

    I loved Merlin… especially the weekly wondering why Uther (Tony Head) sends his only-son-and-heir into deadly danger instead of facing it himself…. It’s fun
    Talking of good British television, Hustle isn’t exactly sci-fi but I can’t help seeing it as the natural heir to Mission Impossible… partly in the basic concept of fooling a bad guy using disguises and tricks, but mostly of course for the “Best Security Systems in the World are powerless against a Man In A Boilersuit (TM) who says he’s come to fix the lifts” motif.

    The only reason I can think of why I continue to watch Demons is the faint hope that one day it might actually achieve “mediocre”… It’s so much dross…

  8. Katerina

    Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes are also good exceptions…

  9. Lizwc

    Yes they are….. all Kudos productions…. Can Kudos Save British Television?

  10. Dawn T

    Spooke is also amazing – that’s not Kudos,is it? I was really disappointed by Survivors. NM, there’s Day of the Triffids to look forward to next year, I think. 😉

  11. Lizwc

    Spooks is Kudos.
    All hail Kudos! Saviours of British Television!!!
    I thought Survivors had its moments, just not enough of them…

  12. jaynenelson

    I’m so glad you guys are all having conversations among yourselves. It makes me feel less guilty for not answering all your comments individually! Keep it up! *wink*

  13. tc_valley

    hi hi jayne, u like merlin? same here… he’s look so innocent..plus blurrr sometime but he’s kind anyway.. i like him… for those who have a second thought to watch this drama, just watch it..i’m sure u’ll love it too… enjoy….

  14. Rose Merry

    i love merin can’t get enough of it. i think its not just that Colin Morgan is a funny clumsy lovable character but also, it think he’s quite tasty.

  15. isabel92kiss

    hi, my name is Maria,i’m italian,i have seventeen years old, and i love telefilm Merlin.


  16. tina

    i am watching merlin for the first time on sci fi channel..i really like it..but the problem is that i have read all the books and merlin was always older not cute and sort of handsome….I think this actor would of made a better mr spock in the new movies than the one they chose…I just didnt know that this was a english show…english to me means old dr who …with tom baker….cheesy acting and great comedy….

  17. I agree! At first I thought I was just desperate for some tv fantasy but…it really is a fun show 😀

  18. We like the show. Despite the fact that they could not match season one, it is still fun (usually – if you do not count troll episodes) to watch.

    Here is our take on Merlin season two with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:


  19. Alice

    I understand how you feel. One day I randomly started watching Merlin and I fell in love with it! Strange how I never even thought about it until I watched it.

  20. Lawretta

    I and my kids are in love with merlin, although in nigeria it is hard to get a good film

  21. Merlin is truly one of my favorite TV series.I enjoy the cast,characters, storyline and the CGI is outstanding.Pure entertaining!

  22. usman m dauda

    merlin is the best t.v drama i ever watched,i am completely absorbed,and i gave all my attention to the film.the guys realy tried.

  23. Who has got the Season 3?
    I really need a link where i can watch it…
    i cant wait to finish MERLIN…

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