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Yes! Yes! Yes! And… huh?

Supernatural has been renewed for a fifth season!


I still remember that long gap between seasons one and two, with nobody knowing if it would ever return… and now look at it! FIVE FREAKIN’ YEARS!

However, in other news: Smallville. Season nine.

How the hell did that happen?



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Hats off to her (in a very literal sense, too)

I’m not really one to comment on celebrity culture. And hell, there have been more than enough column inches devoted to Jade Goody’s nuptials – taking place today – that I can’t really add anything else to the reactions that seem to have hit the headlines around the world (the most interesting of which can be found here at, of all places, although it’s interesting just as much for its view of Britain as it is of Goody herself).

However, I do want to say one thing here: apparently Jade decided to dispense with wearing a veil with her wedding dress because she didn’t want to hide her head, which is bald from her chemotherapy treatments.

Say what you like about Jade Goody, I have to observe that that’s a wonderful gesture of support to every other cancer sufferer going through what she’s going through. For that, I wish her the very best in her remaining time on this planet.

And seriously, people: you might not like somebody, but show a little compassion when they’re in pain. It’s the human thing to do.

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I’ve got chills… they’re multiplying

I just watched a rather wonderful little film called Before The Rains so that I could review it for DVD & Blu-ray Review this month. About halfway through I realised it was reminding me of another wonderful little film, Enchanted April, which I watched on TV many, many years ago and have never seen since.

They’ve not really got much in common except for beautiful scenery (India and Italy, respectively), excellent casts and languid pacing, but there was enough of a parallel for me to decide to investigate whether Enchanted April is out on DVD yet.

I’ve looked several times over the last few years, always hopeful, but Enchanted April was only ever available on VHS. I was even considering asking DVD & Blu-ray Review to mention it in their “Please Release Me” section, except that I never got round to requesting it.

But I don’t have to now, because to my ABSOLUTE AMAZEMENT, Enchanted April is released on Monday.

Years. Years, I’ve been waiting for this release. And I find out three days before it’s finally in the shops simply because I watched a film that was vaguely similar.

I’ve got chills. I kid you not. It’s… a sign, or something. What’re the odds?


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The Great Scotty Hunt!

Okay, here’s an appeal to all readers of this blog:

I’m trying to find a Star Trek fan who loves to dress up as Mr Scott, one who’s looking forward to the new Star Trek movie, and who thinks that Simon Pegg is a good choice for the role of the Enterprise’s Chief Engineer (which he is, by the way).

It’s for a national magazine (not one you’d normally associate with me!), will be affectionate, and there’s even a chance our Mr Scott could end up on the cover…

If anybody out there could help me with this, I’d really appreciate it! Spread the word, my fabulous followers…


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Gratuitous Groucho Marx Gag


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Sunday, February 15, 2009 · 2:32 pm

Dollhouse Debuts

I liked it. Sort of. It was a tad slow and a little talky and a bit “What the hell?”, but when you’re sitting through a show’s credits and the names “Steven S DeKnight”, “Tim Minear” and “Joss Whedon” pop up, you know you’re in good hands.

It may take a while to warm up – and hey, we’ve all heard how that pilot episode was tinkered with until the tinker cussed – but that doesn’t mean it won’t find its feet very soon. And the ratings weren’t a complete disaster, though they could’ve been better, so… I’m cautiously optimistic.

I think Eliza Dushku has the most unenviable job on television, though: how to make a character who has a complete personality overhaul every single week somebody we can connect with. Jesus, how do you even write for a lead like that?

Oh, and in other news – and it really pains me to say this – I’ve given up on The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I feel as though I’m not so much kicking a puppy as I am shoving it into a sack and throwing it into a canal, but damn, that puppy was driving me nuts.


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Another Motherf**king Time Vampire

Absolutely not safe for work, or for watching around small children. Contains lots and lots of Christian Bale-style swearing.

But it’s fucking funny… click here!

Also? I’m loving that you guys are having so much fun talking amongst yourselves while I’m too busy to reply to your comments. Go team!!!!


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