SFX In The City

I’m snowed under with work right now, so apologies for the lack of posts. I’m also still recovering from the shock of trying to sort out my first big tax bill – both for this year and a large proportion of next year, because the bastards always want two years at once in your second year of freelancing. It was stressful, to say the least, but because my bank are awesome it’s all sorted now… though I still have to make ends meet.

Which reminds me, if I hear the phrase “in this current economic climate” one more time I will go nuclear on the economy’s ass.

At this very moment I’m writing my next column for SFX magazine, and it struck me that I’ve been writing it for four years this month (yowser, time flies!). I’m very grateful to everybody who reads it and says nice things – and even those who don’t, because you can’t please everybody and a bit of discussion never did anybody any harm – and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU here.

Back when I started writing the columns, I’d just moved to London to work on Total Film. My world suddenly seemed very big and glamourous and I was thrilled to be given a column; it made me feel as though I was somebody important. At the time, Sex And The City was in its final season, and for some reason it ended up being the subject of my first magazine missive. (Which is odd, because it’s not a science fiction show despite some of Sarah Jessica Parker’s crazier outfits, but there you go.) And, because I was thinking about Sex And The City for those first few issues, I kind of pictured myself as Carrie Bradshaw, perched in front of her laptop in her beautiful New York apartment, Starbucks in hand, wearing the finest couture and typing away to deadlines between attending dazzling social functions.

Instead, four years on, I’m writing my column standing at the kitchen counter with no trousers on because I’m waiting for my favourite pair of joggy bottoms to finish tumble-drying, and in a minute I have to go to Tesco’s because otherwise I have no toilet paper or margarine or milk for my thoroughly instant and really rather grim coffee.

Fantasy? Meet reality.

Still, at least I’m still enjoying it. Thank you, SFX, and thank you to everybody who’s been reading.



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8 responses to “SFX In The City

  1. Lizwc

    Wasn’t your first column a sort of “come on guys!!! Women can be geeks too!” rallying cry? (I didn’t think we needed it, but I appreciated you making the point for the rest of us)

    Anyway, it’s been 4 brilliant years of columns and I hope we have many more to come. Now if they’d just stop pretending that your columns were more “spoilery” than interviews with cast members and give you your rightful whole page spread back, instead of tucking you at the back of the spoiler zone in tiny print, I’d be happy.

  2. Lerxst

    Happy anniversary! And long may it continue (and as Liz says, may you get your whole page back… heck, if you’re reading messrs SFX, make it a double page spread).

    Anyway thanks for the image from your kitchen. Will I ever be able to read the column in quite the same light? ๐Ÿ™‚ (Probably worse that I originally just read the last sentence as implying that your coffee was so grim, you needed to buy toilet paper before drinking it…)

    As for the economy, don’t talk to me about the economy…..

  3. Congratulations on four years of Nelson’s Column! Even if the reality of writing them is not quite as glamorous as SATC, we can still pretend … ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Raj

    It was the URL in the column that got me reading the blog and when they moved the column to the spoiler zone that forced me to open it for the first time ever (that was when they still used to be sealed up) :).

  5. Nynke

    I’ve been a lurker here now for half a year, but you’ve finally addressed me out of hiding ;). Like Raj, I discovered you through SFX, like Ruud & family I’m Dutch, and like you and many others I’m a girl and appreciate pictures of pretty men :).
    I just wanted to say, that even if I’ve never commented before, I really like your column, for all the geekiness but also for the nice pictures and the good atmosphere. Thanks!


  6. (wuift:) Hoi Nynke!)
    I hope we will have many years ahead of us filled with your writings on paper and on the net. I still have all the SFX’s that I bought, and browse through them every now and then. I have discovered that your columns are still fun when re-reading them (one of my faves is the one where you speculate with a friend about what-if certain SF classics where shot in London. I can just see Neo stand in a phonebox, surrounded by cards from prostitues and smelling of wee)….

    I’m affraid that SATC never did it for me (“too much chick-flick”?), I loved the Gilmore Girls, and wouldn’t mind an evening out with Lorrelai Gilmore.
    But please, can she be a little bit sedated?

  7. jaynenelson

    Awww, thank you all! *sniffs* I’m so happy you’re still enjoying the columns. One day I’ll get round to putting them all up on a website (with my other work), but until I pull my finger out, they’ll only exist in old issues of the magazine.

    …and Ruud. Gilmore Girls? Seriously?

  8. ….oops. should I feel ashamed now? Yes, I really enjoyed the Gilmore Girls, and only stopped watching when in the last series, Lorelai suddenly narried Christopher. Call it weird, but I was pissed!
    I did watch the end of the final episode though, just to check if she would go back to Luke.
    I demand Gilmore Girls: the Motion Picture!
    But seriously, are you surprised because the Gilmore Girls is trickty a girls only series, or because you think it’s bad television? Or…..>

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