I’m Trying Very Hard Not To Lick The Screen Right Now…

I’m really busy at the moment, valiantly trying to get about a week’s worth of work out of the way in one day because Biddy’s coming to stay this weekend. And so, in lieu of a cutting critical analysis of the fact that there’s a new President in the White House, I’m posting this picture:


Which I think pretty much says it all. That, and “THANK FUCKING GOD FOR THAT.”

And then there’s this new shot from Wolverine:


…which is currently distracting me from my work like nothing else on this planet.

(I should add that the picture I want to lick is this one, not the Obama one. In case you were wondering.)



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6 responses to “I’m Trying Very Hard Not To Lick The Screen Right Now…

  1. Talking of Huge Jackman, have you seen Adam Buxton’s latest song … 🙂

  2. Lerxst

    “the picture I want to lick is this one”

    Pretty much how I felt when I saw the photo of Rachel Nichols in January’s SFX….

  3. Lerxst

    PS.. I’ve pretty much decided to be a good boy and not rain my cynicism down on the love-in for the Chosen One. Indeed, in that spirit, I offer you a way to get your own little desk Obama:


    Generous to a fault I am 🙂

  4. I often see things pass by on the tv-screen that might be tempting to lick, but I have seen our cat lick the screen on occasion as well, and I know which other places her tongue has been. Si I pass licking the screen with a smile on my face…

  5. Dawn T

    I know exactly what you mean about Mr Jackman – that article in the latest SFX made my week. I have pictures on the wall at work, just for the girls!

  6. Jenni

    Ooh it’s a tough call between our Hugh and a couple of the characters from 24….what’s a girl to do? Lick them all? 😉

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