No Spoilers Here, Just Squee And A Huge, Impala-Shaped Coincidence

Battlestar Galactica is back.

My regular heart rhythm? Not so much.

I won’t discuss the episode here because I’m painfully aware that people might not want to be spoiled, and I was only informing somebody yesterday that if anyone ever told me who the final Cylon was I would punch them very hard in the throat and feel good about it afterwards. So, that in mind, all I’ll say about the first episode of the show’s final batch is… well, actually I can’t speak, so I’ll make a small whimpering noise instead.

Supernatural is back too. I went for a coffee with the editor of the official magazine last night and gleefully informed him that the last time the show really scared me was in season two’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. And then I watched last night’s season four episode, ‘Family Remains’, and bugger me if I almost wet my pants with fright during a couple of moments. Serves me right for being so cocky, I guess.

My friend Matt Mueller was interviewed on Sky News today – he’s their semi-regular film critic – and talked about My Bloody Valentine 3D, which I saw last week (purely because it starred Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles and because it was in 3D; normally I avoid horror movies like the plague). He stopped by my place afterwards and informed me that he didn’t really know who Jensen was, but he’d caught one of the trailers being shown on ITV2 for Supernatural‘s new season and was impressed enough to want to watch the show. I saw a trailer myself last night and have to say it looked great – FX shots, funny lines, action… well done, ITV2!

And then I tried to fill Matt in on some of the background to the show, only to discover that when he was a kid HIS FAMILY CAR WAS A CHEVY IMPALA. I showed him a photo of the Metallicar and he said, “Yes, that’s it, only ours was more beat-up.”

I am in much awe.

He says he used to have great fun sliding around on the bench seat in the back every time the car turned a corner.

I want to see somebody doing that on Supernatural now, please.




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11 responses to “No Spoilers Here, Just Squee And A Huge, Impala-Shaped Coincidence

  1. Katerina

    All I can say is Oh My Gods to everything (but especially the last 5 seconds….) BSG is amazing, what will we do without it???

    I never thought I’d like a show this much since Farscape (really good SFX rewinde feature btw)!

  2. Crishna

    I am still babbling incoherently after watching BSG.

  3. …Darn! Here in the Netherlands we are still waiting for season 3 to begin! I think we should start considering the DVD-box.
    Supernatural has appeared here as well, but we haven’t tried it (yet).
    What does surprise me though, talking about supernatural television, is the qietetness around the mini-series Apparitions. I haven’t seen or read much in the magazines, and I refuse to believe that Lília and I were the only ones that thought it was brilliant. Anyone else seen it?

  4. jaynenelson

    I never watched Apparitions, though I hear it was good (Joe Ahearne, isn’t it? He’s usually great). I don’t really watch UK TV, though – Doctor Who aside – so it’s not surprising I missed it!

  5. Lerxst

    Don’t worry Ruud, you’re not the only one who’s behind on BSG. I don’t watch enough TV to justify a Sky subscription – even to watch my beloved Preston North End – so I’ve still only seen up to the end of series 3 on DVD. I do know who the fifth cylon is though because I’m a sad spoiler junkie, and was onto Wikipedia’s episode guide as soon as I’d read Jayne’s post. (Not that I would tell anyone else – it’s just personal curiosity.. “need to know… must know… neeeeed…now!!”)

    Anyway I’m off now to watch some Prisoner and raise a glass to PMcG. RIP Paddy.

  6. Lizwc

    Like Lexrst I don’t have a Sky subscription – I’m too cheap to pay out but I am up to date thakns to box sets …. and online episode summaries. thnk you Patriot Resource

    So I also know who the fifth cylon is. Because I’m also a sad spoiler junkie. The thunking noise was my jaw hitting the ground. Will say no more…
    Its not a power thing you know, spoiler addiction. I’ve shared with friends who wanted to know and kept quiet with those who didnt. Its impatience, I NEEDED to know. I couldnt wait any longer

  7. Crishna

    I was completely unspoiled (for once) and I’m so glad. My head is whirling trying to work out what will happen next – it all seems to be falling into place but this is one show that keeps surprising me so…

  8. Lerxst

    Completely unrelated (probably ought to be under a Californication thread, thinking about it…), but just had to post… well it amused me.

  9. jaynenelson

    Ha ha ha ha! I love that video! I’ve sent it to everyone I know (well, apart from my Aunty Mary…)

  10. Lerxst

    Oh go on.. send it to Aunty Mary.. why should she miss out?!

    As Jarvis Cocker put it, “Help the aged, one time they were just like you, drinking, smoking cigs and sniffing glue….” 🙂

  11. Gail

    My family car was also a mid-60’s Chevy Impala. In fact, it’s the car I learned to drive on! Yes, this pleases me very much, but doesn’t seem to impress anyone.

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