Above And Beyond

So I wrote a Rewind feature on Deep Space Nine a few months ago for SFX magazine in which I listed all the best episodes from the series. I accidentally missed out “The Way Of The Warrior”, and I apologised for that in a blog post a while back.

Now I’d like to apologise again – this time for not raving about “Far Beyond The Stars”. For some reason this episode didn’t click with me when I watched it all those years ago, but having just watched it again for the first time in over a decade… well, it took my breath away. Avery Brooks was phenomenal, the script was beautifully layered and even the jazz score was amazing.

I can only assume that the reason I wasn’t impressed in 1998 was because I was a BIG FAT IDIOT who didn’t understand the episode’s delicate, poignant handling of racism and hope. In 1998 I shrugged. In 2009 I got it. Brooks moved me to tears (“I’m a human being!”) and the shock of hearing Cirroc Lofton use the word “nigger” – in an episode of Star Trek, of all things – will never wear off.

I’m stunned. And I’m also very happy I understood “Far Beyond The Stars” in the end, because if I hadn’t my life would’ve been poorer for it.



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2 responses to “Above And Beyond

  1. Jenni Carberry

    As someone who has always rated DS9 as my favourite Trek (prob after we finished Uni, Jayne) I am so glad you’re saying this! I loved this episode too although “Little Green Men” has got to be up there as well! What can I say, I love Quark, Rom and Nog 🙂

  2. jaynenelson

    I love Nog TO BITS. He’s awesome. And it was so nice seeing him without his Ferengi make-up in ‘Far Beyond The Stars’.

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