Picture Me This

Yesterday I met up with my friend James for the first time in two years – serves him right for buggering off to live in California, hmmph – and, between extraordinary bouts of gossip and geekery, we paid a visit to the Natural History Museum for their annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition.

It was as great as ever; a wonderful mix of beautiful imagery, stunning compositions and thought-provoking scenes – particularly the ultimate winner, ‘Snowstorm Leopard’ by Steve Winter, which sounded as though it was a nightmare to capture and somehow still manages to look so hyper-real the cat looks stuffed…


(…I mean that in a good way, though, because it IS an amazing photo.)

For the first time ever, the person who accompanied me to the exhibition totally agreed with my top two choices (does anybody ever agree with the overall winner, as good as it is?).

Here’s our runner-up, ‘Polar Sunrise’, which looks stunning when it’s blown up big:


And here’s the pic we both loved the most (from the ’11-14 Years Old’ category, yikes), ‘White on Blue’:


All those incredible photographs and we fell in love with a picture of a Canadian herring gull.


But it IS spectacular up close. Congratulations to Martin Gregus!

Afterwards James and I went to Pasta Hut at the top of Charing Cross Road and watched Camelot being disassembled in front of our eyes. Yes, Spamalot is no longer playing at the Palace Theatre and we watched every one of Camelot’s battlements being torn down. And a good job too, as it was a silly place.

There was a power cut once it got dark, and Shaftesbury Avenue lost its streetlights. I was half-convinced the Cloverfield monster was going to come thundering over the horizon, but my pizza was so good I wasn’t going anywhere if it was.

And that was our day. Next time, I’m visiting James in Los Angeles. Give me two years or so…


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  1. Lerxst

    That polar bear shot is just stunning, and would be my choice as winner (funnily enough I thought the bear shot was best last year as well).

    Of the others, my favourites were the snowswans and then, in a ‘fall for the awww shot’ moment, this:

    Have to admit the herring gull photo doesn’t do much for me. I still think it looks like the kid missed his shot, just got the backend of the bird, and thought ‘oh hell, I’ve nothing else, I’ll put that in’ 🙂

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