Hello, Mr Smith

I’ve spent most of Christmas and New Year sitting in my flat typing furiously and living my life on the interwebs. Great fun, but not good for the constitution, so I figured today I’d go for a walk.

Trust me, there is nothing more glorious than strolling along the Thames towpath by Richmond watching the swans bobbing about on the river, grinning at little kids trying to break the ice on the frozen stream running parallel to the water, kicking through frosty leaves and then warming your hands on a cardboard cup of coffee on the way home. Bliss.

In other news: Matt Smith is the new Doctor!


My first reaction when we saw him was, “He’s so young!” and then he waved his hands in the air as he was talking and gave a big grin to the camera and I was totally sold. He’s got personality, and, to paraphrase Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, a little personality goes a long way. It also tickles me that he kinda looks like Noel Fielding from the Mighty Boosh, not to mention Crispin Glover, and he’s so far away from David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston that he just works.

I’m dying to see what his take on the good Doctor will be. I’ll be sad to see Tennant go, but it’s nice to know there’s somebody so fresh to take over the role. Good choice, Who team!



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12 responses to “Hello, Mr Smith

  1. I am there with you. Never heard of him, but I’d never heard of Tennant either, and only knew Eccleston form Second Coming, so I have no idea about his acting-capabilities.

    I am a bit concerned about the age-thing, but to be honest, I have complete faith in Steven Moffat (aqnd I have the Complete Coupling and PressGang boxes to prove it!). He has never disapointed me in the past, and am confident he will not do that in 2010. So I will be ciriously optimistic when the eleventh Doctor starts his reign….

  2. jaynenelson

    I secretly wanted them to cast someone famous this time, but I’m glad they didn’t agree!

    And I think he looks younger than he is… although in Doctor Who Confidential they kept talking about how he seemed old for his years, so there’s a lovely paradox going on there!

  3. I think he will certainly make an interesting, quirky and different take on The Doctor. The only problem is, I now feel very old …

  4. Lerxst

    It’s not just that he is young, he looks even younger. My immediate reaction was ‘they’ve cast a child!’. And yes, that probably just shows my age.

    My concern is that when the moment comes for the Doctor to show leadership and authority, I’ll just want one of the cast to pat him on the head, and say “Yes, of course.. now go and play with your wii”. But who knows, he may surprise.

    Shame though as I was rather warming to the idea of the Marquis de Carabas moving into the Tardis. šŸ™‚

    As for the most famous name I heard mentioned, James Nesbitt – glorious Doctor though he could have been, he was never likely to sign up long-term given his career seems to be doing quite nicely. However, surely he could be persuaded to do a little stint as the Master…

  5. …another fear I have is that because the Doctor is so young and young looking, they might cast real teenage girls as his companion, which makes it impossible at our age to get excited about her. At least, in a propper legal way…..
    Sighhhh……and I was secretly hoping for miss Sawalha to enter the TARDIS doors and boss the Doctor around (which may be possible with this Doctor….)

  6. Lerxst

    ‘I was secretly hoping for miss Sawalha’

    Hmm… my hopes for Sharon Small have probably also been dashed…. šŸ˜¦

    Maybe Steven Moffat can get Kate Isitt in – she’d boss the whippershapper around!

  7. Lerxst

    whippersnapper even…. doh!

  8. Katerina

    Did anyone see that politcal drama series on BBC2 a while back called ‘Party Animals’? Matt Smith was in that, he was really good actually, so im not worried about whether he has the acting muscles to pull it off… just wonder what new direction he’ll go with the doctor.

    As for being a noel fielding double, is it the angular jaw? Whatever it is I’ll agree he’s equally as pretty šŸ˜€

  9. Nilhuanwen

    I’m happy with this choice too- so unexpected, I really thought it was going to be Paterson Joseph. I love how Matt looks just a bit weird…in a nice way šŸ™‚

  10. Sharon Small would be nice as well. I think we are really showing our age, eh?
    It’s also nice to see that Doctor Who seems to be more interesting than squirrels on coffee. I think the Doctor would be in serious trouble if he wasn’t….

  11. Dawn T

    I was a little shocked when I first saw him on the Confidential, but as he began talking and showed such intelligence and respect for the show, I feel for his charms! Unlike you, though, I think he is a bit too similiar physically to Tennant – both tall and lanky – and I really don’t think the youth will be an issue. Well, maybe at first, but I’m sure there’ll be an amusing scene where someone patronises him and he reels off a load of technobabble and proves himself. I was really dreading them naming someone well-known, especially Mr Nesbitt or Mr Joseph, who was the favourite for ages, right up until Saturday, as I understand it. I’m happy for the moment, and can’t wait to see the next series now. Is it 2010 yet? šŸ˜‰

  12. as long as they don’t turn it into skins, i’m sold. like you jayne, as soon as he flapped his hands i fell in love. he seemed so excited and ready to take it on, bless him. yes, he’s young, but he really does look like my grandpa with a young boy’s hair cut, so that’s good. i also like that he’s not conventionally goodlooking; that he looks like his face has been pieced together from various odds and ends.


    BM x

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