Tidings Of Comfort And Joy And All That

It’s Christmas Eve! I’ve already eaten enough to feed a small army! I have no work to do for a whole week and my flat is toasty and warm and I have a stack of DVDs to watch and life is oh… so… good right now!

I hope it is for you too. Have a wonderful Christmas and a glorious New Year!

And to liven up my blog, here’s a pretty tree for you. This is Metal Hammer magazine’s ode to Christmas. I’m lovin’ the disembodied Barbie heads…



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One response to “Tidings Of Comfort And Joy And All That

  1. …I m pretty sure that someone at Metal Hammer has seen one of those hideous Barbie-DVD’s too many. They are terryfying (and not in a good way!). Why isn’t Amnesty International doing something about them?! Too bad that there are still crimes against humanity slipping under the radar….
    Our Jasmijn is currently very much into them, and she has a few Barbies as well.
    Can’t wait untill she’s old enough for Doctor Who or Floris.

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