I Promise To Stop Blogging About Obama Soon. Honestly.

…But how could I resist posting this? After seeing a bare-chested Obama on the front pages of several UK papers today, here’s a clip from a US TV show discussing it:

CNN – Shirtless Obama Seen On Beach

(The host has extraordinarily big hair. I think I like that most of all.)

For the record, I don’t agree with paparazzi taking pictures of people unawares, let alone them photographing families on their holidays not wearing very much. But there’s a selfish, thoroughly female part of me that saw those pictures and simply went, “Woah, momma!”


I kinda hate myself for that. Sorry, Mr President-Elect.



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3 responses to “I Promise To Stop Blogging About Obama Soon. Honestly.

  1. Lizwc

    OMG!!!! I never thought I’d actually live in the world where there was an American president I could really really fancy…. and yet I do!!
    Thank you so much for that photo Jayne. thank you. Thank you. wibble.
    After 12 days without internet and wthout news (long story) I had missed this photo. But here I am faithfully catching up on your news and here this photo is… Is it too early to ask Santa for Obama in my stocking next year?

  2. jaynenelson

    I saw him first.

    Don’t you forget that.

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