Well, bugger me!

According to TV Guide, the one and only Robert Carlyle is going to be the lead character in the new Stargate spin-off, Stargate Universe, due to air in the summer.

Blimey. I never saw that one coming!

And boy, am I thrilled to bloody bits. I think Carlyle is ace – only a fortnight ago I was watching him in 24: Redemption and loving every second he was on the screen. I wasn’t sure whether to give Universe a go or not, but now… well, I may just be watching every week.

Good call, show! And hurrah for Bobby!



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7 responses to “Well, bugger me!

  1. Dawn T

    I just heard about this – I’m A long-time fan of Stargate – my reaction was to be blown away. It’s amazing casting, what a coup! This alone makes me very keen to see SG-Universe, where I wasn’t that impressed with what I’d read before. Cool!

  2. …I never really got into the whole Stargate-series. I liked the movie, and tried the series, but it couldn’t hold my attention.

    But the casting of Carlyle, whom I like a lot, is quite interesting, though I am surprised that he is doing a series. It is a series, right?

    It’s a new trend, eh? Big(ish) movienames doing tv-series. We have Lawrence Fishburne doing CSI, Anjelica Huston doing Medium, James Woods in Shark. What’s next? James Stewart in Hawkins? Burt Reynolds in BL Stryker?

  3. Dawn T

    Stargate:Universe is a series, but they haven’t actually said whether Carlyle has signed for the whole series – just for the 3 hour premiere, if I recall correctly. Make of that what you will 😉

  4. Paul

    I guess that rules out his candidacu for new Doctor then? Would be difficult to juggle 2 franchises!

  5. jaynenelson

    It could be an elaborate piece of misdirection… perhaps he’s heading for the TARDIS after all after starring in the Universe pilot and then getting killed off? \O/

  6. Paul

    Ooh good point. Although loads of people are putting their houses on Patterson Joseph aren’t they? As for Carlyle great to see such a heavyweight in the Stargate franchise, I might actually watch this one!

  7. jaynenelson

    I think Patterson’s a great choice, so I’m rooting for him. But Carlyle would be even better… sigh…

    And I haven’t watched Stargate in years but I’m tempted by Universe too. Good news for them if everybody else thinks the same!

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