Alright, So It’s Juvenile, But It Made Me Laugh

I spend a lot of time on the train being ferried in and out of London. Part of my journey, just outside Waterloo and a hop, skip and a jump from the Houses of Parliament, passes by a beautiful red brick building which is the home of the Marine Society and the Sea Cadets.

The building has a big sign next to the railway track which reads “Sea Cadets” in giant golden letters.

Once in a blue moon, when the sun is low or the clouds part in the right way or the moon shines just so or the streetlamps are throwing exactly the right kind of orange light, the shadows fall over the first word of “Sea Cadets” and transform the final letter to an “X”.

I’ve lived in London for four years, and tonight was only the third time the train took me past the headquarters of the “Sex Cadets”.

One day I’m so paying them a visit.


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One response to “Alright, So It’s Juvenile, But It Made Me Laugh

  1. Well, that explains a lot! I have been in the seacadets for over twenty years (fifteen as a cadet, and about seven as a member of the local board). I was once part of a group of Dutch cadets accompanying small group of visiting international cadets (Canadian, British, Swedish and Belgian) as part of an exchangeprogram. None of them was really keen on exploring Amsterdam’s rich history. Instead they asked us to take them to the red light district, where they wandered around openmouthed most of the alloted time. I think their parents were in for some very strange souvernirs…..

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