Introducing Mr Rennie! Except You Probably Know Him Already…

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Chances are you have. In many, many things. The X-Files. Due South. The Dead Zone. Dark Angel. eXistenZ. Battlestar Galactica. A million more. His name is Callum Keith Rennie, and for the last few years he’s been one of my favourite actors in the world.

Now there’s every possibility that he is, in fact, Number One on my list. The reason? He has a recurring role in season two of Californication, currently airing on Showtime in America. That picture is him in one of the episodes staggering about in his underpants, wearing a silk dressing gown and waving a shotgun, which he totally gets away with because he’s playing a burnt-out, sex-mad, rock’n’roll superstar who lives in a giant mansion filled with musicians either playing music or fornicating (this is Cali-fornication, after all).

It is possibly the greatest role an actor could ever hope for. It’s certainly the best thing Callum Keith Rennie has ever done, and he’s done a lot of good stuff. And it’s not as though I didn’t love Californication enough already – if you don’t watch it, you really should, because it’s not just about sex: it’s witty and funny and sad, and David Duchovny, too, has the greatest role an actor could ever hope for. (Indeed, when I passed by the premiere of the new X-Files movie in Leicester Square a few months ago, members of the crowd were holding up banners declaring “HANK MOODY FOR PRESIDENT!” and “HONK IF YOU LOVE HANK!”)

It’s an absolute joy watching Callum strutting his stuff week after week; he looks like he’s never had so much fun. I am so in awe of his brilliance that I thought I should mention it here in the hope that perhaps somebody reading this will check out a few episodes of Californication to see him for themselves.

Particularly if you’re a member of the Emmy selection committee. Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series? Oh yes. It HAS to happen.



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9 responses to “Introducing Mr Rennie! Except You Probably Know Him Already…

  1. I like tha actor, and prved me wrong when he took over the Ray-part in Due South. But I just can’t get into Californication.
    It must be my protected childhood…

  2. Lerxst

    “Introducing Mr Rennie!”

    Damn you! I’ve now got a Science Fiction Double Feature going round my head….. what’s worse, it’s the audience participation version…

    “Michael Rennie was ill
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    But he told us where we stand.

    [ON OUR FEET!!]

    And Flash Gordon was there
    In silver underwear,
    Claude Rains was the Invisible Man….”

    What a way to start the day…

  3. Lizwc

    Not made the effort to watch Californication, despite Duchovny it registered in my head as “not my thing”.
    But I love Callum Keith Rennie as Leoben in Battlestar Galactica, he really is one of the best supporting actors (and he’s got stiff competition there too). So, Jayne. I promise i will watch Californication now. Just to catch The Rennie.

  4. marymary

    Great post! I’ll have to come back here more often!

    Absolutely my favorite actor. I agree with everything you said, and you said it so well! (Though I might put a few of his other roles ahead of Lew Ashby, just in terms of acting brilliance.)

    But I LOVE his Lew. As we’ve come to expect from a CKR performance, every moment with Lew holds the promise of some small, hilarious, unexpected and true moment that has you laughing and nodding and, in my case, clapping in the direction of the TV.

    Lew is a man-child, filthy dirty (thank you), master of his domain and (as the weeks go on) delightfully vulnerable. I started watching Californication just to see him and I have three friends doing the same. I think the show is a little uneven, but well worth it for Lew and (of course) Hank.

  5. …talking about good actors and good television, has anyone been watching Joe “this is the closest you will come to an Ultraviolet-sequel” Ahearne’s Apparitions? I think it’s bloody brilliant…!

  6. Lizwc

    Yes it is!!1 and yes I have

  7. GREAT! And I think Survival is up there as well….

  8. Artemis

    Thanks for spreading the word about CKR; he’s really an awesome actor, and more people need to know that! I started watching Californication for him, and I fell in love with the show. As you rightly pointed out, it’s not just about sex, but about a family. Callum’s role is fabulous, and he really gets to shine. That being said, I think there are other better roles in Callum’s resume: Suspicious River, Last Night, Hard Core Logo, and above all, Flower and Garnet.

    I first got to know him through Galactica, aka the best show on television, and he was fabulous in that, too. Great post!

  9. jaynenelson

    Oddly enough, only an hour ago I tried to rent Hard Core Logo from and they don’t have it. Maybe I should buy it outright?

    Glad you love CKR too! After last night’s Californication I’m even more in love with Lew. Maybe it was the sight of him being pelted with oranges that did it. 😉

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