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This isn’t something I normally do, but I thought I’d shamelessly pimp a few things I’ve done recently…

First up is my reaction to yesterday’s preview of Watchmen on the SFX website. Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons did a little Q&A, there were cupcakes with bloody smiley faces on them (I’m still sulking that I couldn’t sneak a few out to eat at my leisure/flog on eBay, but they were too squishy for my bag) and we saw nearly half an hour of footage.

My excitement levels for this movie have now reached critical mass: the moment I saw Apollonia Vanova’s Silhouette recreate this famous World War Two photograph in the opening credits…


…only with a woman, and in beautiful, visceral slow-motion, I knew this was going to be something special. I have the same butterfly-filled, nervous feeling in my tummy about Watchmen that I had about the first Lord of the Rings movie in the months leading up to its release; that this is going to be big and mysterious and beautiful and cinema might never be the same. I might be projecting my love of the novel onto the movie, but from what I saw yesterday I have a feeling I won’t  be disappointed. (Also? Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian. See previous post.)

Next up is this interview with Neil Gaiman, again for SFX, about The Graveyard Book. In case the release has passed you by, the book’s about a boy who grows up in a graveyard (think The Jungle Book, but with ghosts raising Mowgli) and it’s utterly, utterly wonderful. The only thing that annoys me about it is that Neil waited until now to publish it – why couldn’t he have written for me as a child? *sulks*

And finally, here’s this simple piece for the MSN website. Don’t be fooled by my kind words about True Blood, because I really don’t like the show – however, a lot of people I know seem to, and it’s been renewed for a second season, so I suppose I should give it a chance…



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2 responses to “Linkage Pimpage

  1. Lerxst

    Were the cupcakes like the Spamalot spam sandwiches – limited edition, numbered collectibles? 🙂

  2. Lerxst

    Just got round to reading the interview with Neil “Neverwhere” Gaiman. Interesting stuff and a reminder that I must get round to buying The Graveyard Book.

    As for Doctor Who, it would be interesting to see what he came up with and which direction he went in. There’s a real chance it could go into the darker, more gothic-tinged Who which would be great (personally, I’d also be inviting Clive Barker to script something, but maybe I’m just twisted…). Anyway, definitely worth a shot – just keep Ricky Gervais out of it.

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