Watching The Watchmen A Little Too Intently For It To Be Healthy…

I was going to write a nice long blog entry tonight. It’s about time, really, as I’ve been a bit rubbish of late.

Then I made the mistake of checking out the new posters for Watchmen. I took one look at this image of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian and I’m afraid my critical faculties have just gone for a burton.


I burnt my dinner while I was staring at it, too. Darn.



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12 responses to “Watching The Watchmen A Little Too Intently For It To Be Healthy…

  1. Lizwc

    Picks chin off floor. That’s amazing. I couldn’t possibly write or cook or anything if looking at this poster was the alternative. It’s beautiful. JDM as The Comedian is the best piece of casting in the world ever.

    sigh… How am I going to manage to wait another seven months?

  2. …er, will there be posters for all the characters? I am looking forward to the Silk Spectre MK2, preferable with the footwear from the graphic novel (…don’t ask….)

  3. Thank you! I wisely waited opening this link untill dinner was finished.
    Too bad about the footwear, though I assume that boots are better for crimefighting than 10 centimeter high-heeled anklestrap pumps, right?

  4. …wow…..
    Funny enough, when I was reading the book for the first time, I was playing a Philip Glass CD, and for some reason, it created an atmosphere. I often associate Watchmen with Philip Glass. And to my delight, the trailer had what I thought was Philp Glass too.
    Unless they were bits from the Matrix-soundtrack, but that’s okay, because that is quite Glass-y too…
    It will be a long winter…

  5. …it was funny through that they intercut what were obviously bits of the Silk Spectre’s L’oréal commercial, into the trailer….

  6. Lerxst

    It is indeed Glass – “Koyaanisqatsi” apparently – cut with Muse’s “Take a Bow”. I just know it took me a long time to stop rewatching it, and tear myself off to bed last night.

    As it is, I’m not sure the film can live up to the trailer, nevermind the novel, but damn, I’ve given up all attempts at containing excitement now.

    Love the crowd burning Superman…

  7. jaynenelson

    It’ll live up to the trailer.
    It HAS TO.

  8. jaynenelson

    …Also, thank you for identifying the music from Koyaanisqatsi. Obviously I recognised the Muse track, but the other one is beautiful. Just bought it. Instant musical gratification – all hail iTunes!

  9. …you might also try Powaqquatsi. We played the “anthem”-part at our weddingceremony, and it was goosebumpy…

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