Oh Good Lord, It Actually Happened!


Well, THAT was worth waiting up until 4am for.

I’m a bit emotional right now. Way to go, America!

Excuse me, I must go and blow my nose…



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5 responses to “Oh Good Lord, It Actually Happened!

  1. I accidentally wore my star-spangled skirt to work today and am uber para that peeps think I did it on purpose. Saw a lady walking to work today with a massive American flag scarf on. Poor thing, I bet she’s as embarrassed as I am… 😉

  2. jaynenelson

    I saw a woman in my local Tesco yesterday wearing an Obama t-shirt. Maybe it’s a new fashion trend?!

  3. Lerxst

    It wasn’t exactly a surprise in the end!

    It’ll be interesting to see what policies he actually comes up with once he gets into power. To quote Ian Hislop, his past approach has been to just wander around going “Change, and change for change and we need change. Doesn’t say from what or to what”.

    On that basis, I wouldn’t get too excited – he is just another politician. Give it four years and he’ll be as loved as Tony Blair 🙂

  4. I didn’t stay up for the results since I was convinced that Obama would win. But I do have the feeling that many people didn’t vote Obama for Obama, but Obama because at least he isn’t Republican McCain.
    And though I like Jayne in emotional nose-blowing-mode, I do agree with Lerxst. Power changes (maybe that’s the change he was talking about?), and who knows what Bush-surprises he will find once he has taken over. And like with many of his predecessors, I still don’t really know who Obama is (or McCain). I only know who his image-consultants and advisers wants us to think he is.
    But I’m glad that the Democrats won, and not the Republicans…

  5. Lerxst

    Meanwhile, in the cradle of representative democracy..

    Ten people get stopped & searched for going on a walk in fancy dress:

    And elsewhere, the Register reports that the Government is considering seizing control of the co.uk domain company in the name of ‘public policy objectives’.

    Compared to our lot, maybe Obama can’t be that bad after all..

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