Two Points Of Great Importance

I have much to blog about but, as is becoming more frequent these days, no time to do it. This is because I have an almighty fear of He Who Is Known As The Taxman and thus I’m taking on as much work as I can possibly fit into a day so that I can fend him off. It’s either that or I invest in stakes, garlic and silver bullets, but I’m not sure even they would work on Her Majesty’s Tax Office. Confound them!

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post properly in the next few days, but until then know two things:

1) I wish to apologise for not mentioning “The Way Of The Warrior” in my SFX Rewind on Deep Space Nine. It’s awesome. I’d forgotten just how awesome it was until I rewatched it last week. Please accept my grovelling, humble apologies for ignoring it and pretend I raved about it in paragraph nine or something.

2) Obama is from Krypton!  Well, it explains a lot.



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6 responses to “Two Points Of Great Importance

  1. Lerxst

    Yeah, I couldn’t stand Superman either. Time to get the Green Lantern to dig out the Kryptonite arrows…..

    (Though has to be said, the only effect of the last few weeks has been to push me from my McCain as ‘least bad’ position further into a ‘None of The Above, a plague upon all their houses’ viewpoint)

  2. Nothing to do with this post, but I really like your heading foto. 🙂
    The pics from Venice are nice too, and I’m happy you had a good time there. Might even think about doing that myself next year…
    Lília V

  3. Isn’t Lex Luthor the latest president in the DC Universe?

    And concerning DS9, I have very good memories of “Past Tense”. Yest, it’s another Trek-timetravel story, but I remember it as quite good.
    And though I never really liked episodes (on any Trek) spotlighting Klingons, I did enjoy “Blood Oath” quite a lot…

    In your column in that same SFX you also talk about the effect that Who-episode “Blink” had on you.
    We had a visitor from Brasil these past few weeks, who never really saw any Who (and what she saw, she didn’t really like). We showed her “Blink” (late one night, as it should), and when she read your column later, she sóóóó much identified with you…..!

  4. Lizwc

    Nothing to do with the post, but having read your most recent SFX column (and isn’t it time Jayne got her full page spread back?) I have to say I really agree about the joys of a day spent watching the contents of a box-set. I’ve watched all of Battlestar Galactica on DVDs, usually in “chunks” of 4 episodes, lent them round a wide circle and hooked lots of people in that way. Same with Supernatural. I’m trying it with shoebox zoo but it doesn’t seem to be working… just me I think… I can’t remember how I coped before DVDs
    Although there was something magical aboout waiting for 6pm Wednesday every week. Cities of Gold on a Monday, Mission Impossible on Wednesday, spend the weekend day-dreaming… happy days.

  5. Lerxst

    Joining the trend, this is nothing to do with the post (other than being a bit political). However, I just wanted to flag up this Simon Jenkins’ piece in the Times, because it was one of those occasional articles that just made me feel like applauding when I finished it.

  6. jaynenelson

    I never watched Cities of Gold… I think I was too old for it. I was more of a Ulysses 31 gal myself!

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