Dream Myself Alive

Do you ever get to the point where you’re so tired that you don’t even have the energy to go to bed?

That’s me, right now. Sitting on the sofa. I want a drink, I need to turn off the TV, my feet are cold, I have chocolate on my fingers from the pain au chocolat I just ate which is going all over Shep’s keyboard, I need to clean my teeth and I really, desperately, painfully want to go to bed. And I’m too tired to do any of it.

I’ve had nightmares for seven weeks in a row now. Every. Goddamn. Night.

I have no idea why. I’ve had nightmares about moving house, exams, shopping, monsters, planes, spiders, trees, the sea, crazy landladies, rabid dogs and even Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight (when he was Harvey Dent, not Two-Face, which I really resent because I adored Harvey Dent until he turned up in my nightmare and did something horrible).

I’ve had two nights off: one night in which I dreamt of nothing, slept straight through and woke up feeling wonderful, and another in which I had a lovely dream about somebody,* woke up, fell asleep and then another lovely dream about somebody else.**

But other than those two exceptions, I’ve had nightmares solidly for 47 out of 49 nights.

The only good thing is that despite the fact I’ve been waking up three times every night for seven weeks straight, I haven’t felt the effects the next day. Until this week, at least: it’s finally started to catch up with me. Now, after almost two months of nightmaring, I am The Girl Who Is Too Tired To Get Up Off The Sofa And Climb Into The Bed That’s Just Ten Feet Away.

What I want to know is this:


Does anybody know what causes nightmares? How I can get rid of them? And how the hell I can stop dreaming horrible things and start dreaming about kittens and otters and kakapos?

I’ll dig out a prize to anybody who can help. At least, I would if I wasn’t too tired to get off this sofa.


* Someone from a TV show.
** Someone from another TV show. I’m nothing if not predictable.



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12 responses to “Dream Myself Alive

  1. Not to get too psychoanalytical about it, but nightmares are usually caused by something that you are worrying about in some area of your life. Could it be your job, health, relationships or anything like that? Is it something that you are putting off or procrastinating over?

    I’ve had some doozy nightmares lately, but that is due to a change in my job circumstances that’s still not sorted out.

    Hope you feel better soon – ~hugs~

  2. Val

    Have you changed your eating habits? It could be a digestion thing maybe? I empathise completely – I suffer occasionally and they’re really upsetting. It’s especially annoying when you think everything’s great in your life and the dreams seem to imply that it really isn’t! It usually happens to me when I’ve been drinking too much coffee. Hope you sort it out xx

  3. Lizwc

    😦 Poor you.
    Like Neil said this sounds more like a response to some kind of other external stress. Some kind of perceived threat? If you can discern a pattern in your nighmares – not what the subjects are but what are they doing? you may be able to knock the nightmares on the head simply by identifying the problem – once your subconscious knows you’ve got the message it’ll stop trying to contact you.
    Other possibilities (knowing nothing about your lifestyle) could include too much caffeine late at night (coke/coffee/tea) and certain medications. Sudafed for example. If you’re on any prescription/non-prescription medications check the “possible side-effects” section.
    Certain herbal teas could be causing it too but I’m not so hot on those.
    But basically, if you’ve started eating/ drinking or taking something around about 7 weeks ago, or started eating/drinking/taking it later in the evening than before: that could be your cause. Change your routine back again.

    I don’t know what your general state of health is – you always sound chirpy on here – but broken sleep & nightmares is a symptom of depression. Mind it’s also a side-effect of some anti-depression medication so you can’t always win.
    For what it’s worth, all of the above advice is based on personal experience, so you’re not alone.

    Hope this helps
    PS Was your blog title based on an Aha song?
    Hope you can get it sorted.

  4. I think I agree with Neil and Lizwc, but like to add that maybe before going to bed you should NOT watch anything with demon-hunting brothers, vampire-slayers, blinking angels, or even tight pants in a talking TransAm? You might take that all to bed with you. Maybe watch something light and fluffy before retiring? Take Jasmijn’s collection of Barbie-DVD’s. Please, take them, I am begging you…..

    I hardly suffer from nightmares. Instead, I just don’t manage to get to sleep…

  5. 1. Nightmares are usually a way of your mind to sort out things from your daily life, so it could be it. As well.
    2. It could also be sth related to your eating habits. Go ask Little Nemo about it. He might tell you how his crazy dreams were influenced by that cheese bite he had before going to bed… πŸ˜‰
    3. As said before, think back on what you might have changed in your habits 7 weeks ago. Maybe all those desk jobs you’re having lately?
    4. In such cases camile tea helps a lot. It’s a herb tea usually sold in every supermarket. Maybe try it? It works for me.
    5. Think about what you did (or not!) in those 2 nights you just dreamt. Might help you figure things out.
    6. Chocolate also has lots of caffeine, by the way.
    7. If you need some change of surroundings, you could always come for a visit… πŸ™‚
    LΓ­lia Visser

  6. Lizwc

    Temperature can cause nightmares as well. Specifically if you’re too warm. Can’t imagine you puttng the heating on 7 weeks ago but just in case you’ve started taking a hot water bottle to bed in lieu of men from tv shows…

  7. CarpeJugulum

    Not to get all folksy but I put a little sachet of lavender in my pillow. I kept waking up,my mind racing but I swear, this knocked me out. Or you could try lavender oil on a tissue and stick it in there. Thyme is supposed to be good too. It’s lovely in a bath. Or a glass of milk and a slice of bread and butter before bed. And I know I’m sending this just past 6 in the morning but I’ve been waiting for my fix of Stewart & Colbert to download and a certain demon hunting show and they finally have. πŸ˜‰

    I am the queen of too much information at the moment. Hope you feel better!

  8. Jen


    I have never commented before aat anything but I wanted to say I have had the same thing. When I was about 15 and a big x-files fan I had horrible nightmares every night and could remember them in perfect detail sometimes and other times I just remembered the feeling of horror and doom.
    I was at times too scared to go to sleep in case there were more of them.
    It was about 10 years ago and I am still a little scared of what dreams can do. BUT I am trying to remember how I got out of it. It was like a cycle of nighmare, then stressing about it and thinking I was never going to sleep properly again and that stress causing more nightmares.

    I think . . I changed round my whole room, got new bedding, moved all my books, posters and tv from the room so I would have no images to dwell on. I stopped doing anything even slightly interesting half hour before bed, I watched inane tv shows QVC, cooking shows etc in the evening. and I started to (and still do) fully occupy my brain in bed. As I am trying to sleep I try and think of a country that begins with each letter of te alphabet, or an animal, or I start thinking about pointless stuff like what Joey in friends should say to phoebe to ask her out etc . . .

    really stupid stuff. The other thing I did was to onvince myself it was not my fault, just stupid brain chemicals doing stupid brain stuff. and If I could not sleep I got out of bed and went to the other end of the house.

    I hope this helps, if only to show your not the only one who’s brain does stupid things unasked.

    good luck

  9. Dawn T

    I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make the connection – the title of your post is an A-ha song! Anyway, hope the nightmares are improving – it’s a long time since I’ve had what I would call nightmares – I do have very vivid dreams, though, usually just as I’m falling asleep, and I tend to wake myself up from them. Dreams are fascinating.

  10. jaynenelson

    Thank you all! I shall take all of your comments on board.

    And yes, I was indeed referencing a-ha. I’m so glad it didn’t fall on deaf ears!

  11. Dawn T

    It almost did. Something about the title seemed really familiar when I first read the post, but then looking again yesterday it just came to me. I love A-ha, even now, so kudos for using a song title in such a way!

  12. Lizwc

    It was going round my head from the moment I saw the title… mind that’s also cos I listen to them in the car all the time

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